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Go with the flow ... or

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If you dont know my story, you havent been here in awhile .... check any other post.


If you look at


that is why I am questioning what I should do. She is getting back from her 1st of three weeks away from me.... today.


The problem - She had been telling me since Friday she had a big "surprise" for me. So I was thinking the other day is there anyway I can see her before she goes on vacation with her family next saturday...


since i will be ending work on Wed. and so is she .. i thought why not ? So I asked her if she wanted to stay over wed/thur night of this week ... I ended up ruining her surprise ... she was going to drive 1.5 hours and just show up at my doorstep on wed or something .... anyway ... shes gotta go home to talk to her parents about it and see if its good (she leaves for vaca on sat).


She's really ****ed me over in the past week or two with backing out of plans for retarded reasons. So I put my foot down and was like, "I need to know YES or NO by Sunday Night because Im sick of having changed plans with you at the last second - it really isnt fair to me" . So she's like I'll have plans "finalized by tonight" (yes tonight, sunday).


How should I approach this in fear of her backing out at the last second... ?

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