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Sad, Inspiring Video

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The tone of this song is interesting... with the lyrics, it sounds almost ambiguous, like she sees him as simply a bright, helpful firefly, but the firefly feels so much more towards her that she doesn't feel... I can relate that to my own life alot.


although, I'm not much into stuff like this. However, me as a singer myself, had to put my spin on this.

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nothanks: I know what you mean, but you should give it a try. It was uplifting to me. Helped me out more than I thought it would.


guitarist: The way I read it was, firefly and the firefly catcher helped each other out in the end. The firefly catcher helped the broken firefly get his spark back, and in return he was able to show him the way home. They part in the end, but not before they changed each others lives in a meaningful way!

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