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Does anyone have any tips about dealing with my lonliness (hopefully temporary) esspecially when I hear my neigbours having sex every night? (well for the last three)


Not only that my brother is getting married in a month (my sister did this time last year) (I am the oldest) and all of my limited circle of friends and family are all couples.





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The only way to end loneliness is to join activities that interest you. Get out there. Mingle, socialize, involve yourself in the world.


It is being proactive and not hoping it will fall into your lap, well, unless you use unethical methods.

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Thanks, at least it is giving me a reason NOT to spend any time at HOME !!


I am going fishing for two weeks on Saturday and hope their is no more women than the one woman I know is going.


Then the bucks party, Then the wedding, and in that I have to work and study.

I will be to tired to care. However putting up with my family being the only single person will be giving me the * * * * s.


Of course at the moment I can not really concentrate at work. (hence now!)

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