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Birthday Ideas


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I'm not sure where to put this, as this isn't the typical advice question it seems.


It's my guys birthday next Saturday and I came up with the idea of celebrating his birthday week. Everyday on the 7 days leading up to his birthday, doing something to celebrate it.


My options right now are limited to his 30 minute break at work, or meeting him afterwards at 11:00pm.


I want to do a gift and have something planned.


I have general ideas of things he would like, but does anyone have any two cents, or some cute little ideas?




Also, what do you guys think about receiving flowers?

I know he made a comment a few years ago saying that it wasn't fair that girls only got flowers...but what exactly would you send a man?

I also thought about maybe doing something different, like as in a bamboo plant, or a money tree? I gave him a bonsai when he passed his police certifiaction that he went nuts over and still has it over a year later..would something like that be a better idea?

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I got flowers once from my gf. Thought it was sweet. I wouldn't care to get them everyday, but it was a nice gesture.


Don't overdo it with the 7-day thing - next year you might feel you have to match or even top that.


My gf just had her birthday. A couple of months back, she was saying she didn't want anything for her birthday. She didn't think any of her friends cared about her anymore, since they'd all been blowing off plans with her constantly and whatnot.


First, we have a budget when it comes to gifts so I had to stick to that. She always wanted a digital camera. I got her a really nice one for $70 because the box was opened. Otherwise it was brand new.


On the evening of her birthday I took her to her favorite restaurant and they sang to her. I took her to the lake and we watched the sun set.


I worked for the last 5 weeks on an interactive video/slideshow for her birthday, chronicling all of her friends and family and even including favorite memories of her from some of her friends and family. She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it.


Tomorrow night is the icing on the cake. She loves karaoke. For the last 5 weeks I've also been getting in touch with friends and cousins of hers to organize a girl's night out at a karaoke bar. I'm going to blindfold her, drive her there and drop her off. Her sister just turned 21, but she has a baby, so I offered to take care of the baby if she'd attend the party. At least 3 of her friends will be there, which will make her ecstatic.


Maybe these will give you some ideas?

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Nicelly done


He's always going above and beyond for birthdays and celebrations for me, and I've never really felt like I've done anything extravagant, or atleast made a big deal out of anything, so I'd like to this year.


The only thing he's mentioned is dinner, and maybe meeting a few friends afterwards..all of which I've already arranged in his actual birthday.


I have quite a few gifts that I've purchased already, so I sorta wanted to make it dragged accross the 7 days. No one has ever made a big deal out of his birthday, he has really no family..and has finally gotten some good buddies in this city.


The slideshow sounds cute. I am quite creative, and do yearly mementos [mainly scrapbooks] for our anniversaries which he loves.

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Yea, the thing is..we do everything We/he says "I'd love to do this.." and we pretty much do it the next week Or make plans for it.

So doing something large doesn't really work because its most likely going to be done in the near future.


The only thing he has mentioned was a picnic at the park accross the street from his work on a lunch break. He asked a while ago if I was interested and to meet him, but it never happened, so I'd like to make that happen.

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The only thing he has mentioned was a picnic at the park accross the street from his work on a lunch break. He asked a while ago if I was interested and to meet him, but it never happened, so I'd like to make that happen.


I would really enjoy something like that. Good idea.

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So far this is my plan.


Sunday - his first Sunday off ever during the summer where there's a car show going on. I would like to take him to that, which works well with a few car related items I picked up.


Tuesday - I plan on doing the outdoor picnic [based on long range weather forecasts]


Wednesday - I picked up this neat little book that is something like 1001 Love Questions, where its questions you ask your partner. I'd like to do something related to that.


Thursday - its naughty. haha.


Friday - there's a place he's mentioned a few times where its mini putt, batting cages and go karts..weather permitting thats an idea.


Saturday - his actual dinner celebration.


Is there any idea for the Monday? Something that could be related to flowers/plants/outdoors?

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