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Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 3 months. She had a trip planned before she met me to go to europe for about a month. So, she went. And everyday I would make time to talk to her, although we only talked a little at a time and sometimes it felt like she didnt even want to stay and talk. So, I just took it, thinking .. hey, she's back with her family and friends and is probably busy.


No problem, when she got back, I saw her.. she was happy.. I was happy.. Then she realized how much she missed her sister and mother who are scheduled to come back very soon. And recently everytime... and I mean everytime I spend time with her she's depressing... To make matters worse she speaks with her EX very often. They're very good friends and she can never stop talking about him. At least once or twice she'll mention " Oh... my EX " .. Also, i've come to know that they were VERY active sexually which wouldnt bother me only we're barely active at all. Maybe once or twice a week. It's very very depressing.


When I'm away from her i'm kinda happy and when we're together I just don't know. I did express these feelings to her, but I don't think she really understands. I'm the best that I can try to be. I'm nice, friendly, loving.. but this is really getting hard.. I don't even know if I want a future with this girl.


She's very different from me. She's more of a metal-head type... where I'm a more laid back alternative rock kind of guy. She's very independent and rarely shows affection towards me. Where I try to show it all the time. I hate this... I really do hate these feelings. I wonder ALL the time should I break up with her or stick it out. We're very different on alot of issues and it's just not working for me anymore I think.. She hates this country too. And sometimes she mentions leaving the country and doesnt even mention me in her future... I just need somebody to talk to...


For the record, we're both young and starting college soon.


Any feedback I would appreciate, thanks.

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