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I fear the spot light (anticipitory anxiety), any tips?


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I have always dealt with a minor case of anticipitory anxiety ( I hate the A word). I don't get anxious before tests or anything of that nature. However, I am always nervous right before being in the spotlight even if it's just for a moment.


For example, a few weeks ago it was my sisters wedding and there was supposed to be 200 people at the church. I was a nervous wreck beyond belief. Finally, when the time came to do it it was as easy as cake.


Today it was the first day of my biology lab class and the teacher asked if we could introduce ourselves when she called our names. I got really nervous right before she called my name but when it came time to talk it was as easy as possible.


It seems like when the time comes I'm always good for the moment, but the momentum of 'what if's' is somewhat overwhelming.


I am otherwise a very calm, relaxed person. I don't stress about the important things like loss of a relationship, financial stresses, etc. But for some reason I have always dealt with a minor case of the nerves when it comes to being under the spotlight.


It seems like no matter how many times I have faced the fear it just simply doesn't go away. I'm sure some of you have dealt with these 'silly' fears and have overcome them. Any advice on what you did would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have the same thing. I get it even with karaoke!


Last year I was in a choir, and had to do a number of solos, and I was cacking it. As soon as the choir leader asked me to sing those parts I shook and worried - even just singing in the practice. Right up until the performances I was worrying constantly...then when it came to it, I did it, and I like to think I did it well.


I don't know how well this will help, but when it came to it I just kept telling myself that once I was stood up there, I couldn't run away, I couldn't ruin it for everyone else that had worked so hard, I had to do it. I told myself there was no plan b - I was going to get up and sing and that was that.


I'm the same at uni - like you said. If I know I have to talk it's horrible, presentations freak me out more than anything. But once I'm up there I suck it up for the sake of the others in my group etc.


So I guess my tip is...concentrate on the fact that you can't get out of it. Try your hardest to get into the mindset that there's no two ways about it. You're gonna do whatever it is that's causing you to worry.


I dunno if this will help...but I hope so!!


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