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Never thought i would be coming this close


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My suicidal thoughts are not going away, i just got done working out, something, that usually reliefs some pain, and makes me alittle bit happy, i was thinking about ending my life the whole time and afterward, I feel like im actually gettting alot closer to actually doing this soon, the more i realistically think about my life, and where i will end up in 10 years the more i realise its nothing i want to stick around and experience. I look at my life, ways i can take it, things i can do, someone i can become, and i see nothing to live for, i have no love in my life, my mom/dad and i have a hollow relationship with no true love, i havent been in a serious relationship ever, and my friends are very distant, I seriously have nothing worth living for, i am not worth the oxygen i take up in this world, i feel like i am destined to kill myself, or just live a pathetic life. My moms dad killed himself at an old age, i think i would be just giving in to the way its meant to be for me

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I think you need to see a counselor. Someome to help you sort all this out.


you need to reach out and tell your mom how your feeling, you need to do it NOW. If not her then another person in your family.


You do not want to do this. If you wanted to do this you would not be telling us about it.


You have so many years left of your life, and things do get better.


If for a very long time they are not getting better there are medicines that you could take to give you real relief from depression. Please get help.

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