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My life is a mess. Things have been falling apart for a long time, and I am aware that life will throw me rough patches like this again. Hopefully not for a long time... my head might explode if one more bad thing happens. ](*,)


My question is this:

How do you learn to just let things happen as they will?

A while back, a counselor told me I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. I agree. I feel like Murphy's Law on a daily basis.


I cannot stop obsessing over being cheated on. I cannot stop worrying about money, jobs, school, friends, and my health scares. I feel like everything bad in the world is going to happen to me. (And because I feel that way, that have been happening!! Common sense. I need to stop thinking this way.


Basically, if anyone can relate to these feelings, what have you done to change your mindset? I hate myself right now. UGH.



As a side note; thanks to everyone who has ever took the time to help me out on ENA. I appreciate the feedback so much.

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i used to have the same mentality .... one thing i did was i started a journal and i only wrote about about the positive things in my life that i was grateful for ... my family, my friends.


another thing ... be grateful for where you are- there are people in the world who have to struggle to find food, shelter... the basic necessities- so be grateful for having a roof over your head... etc.


its the simple things in life that we forget about- the basic things that we take for granted....


Also, there are no negative, bad, etc experiences... everything happens for a reason- every "bad" thing .. leads us to the next phase of our lives- so if you look at these experiences as stepping stones to a more productive and positive life .. then you won't view them as negative ..but as stepping stones...


i love this quote:


"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck."

Author: Dalai Lama

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I regret coming off ungrateful. Many people experience terrible things, and my life could be much worse. That adds to my frustration. I feel like I have not done much with the things I have now. I am moderately intelligent and kind enough to be of use somewhere. I mostly just float around in misery and it's frustrating.


I haven't learned how to put the pieces together.

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what pieces would you like to put together? lol


we are always growing and learning and experiencing things .. thats life- some of it is good..some of it is bad...


stuff happens- allll the time - it never ends... there will always be bills to pay- issues to resolve... there is always something- always- and if you looking for those things to end... they aren't...


my friend and i always say that we aren't going to stress about money ... because we would be stressed all the time- it never ends... it is what it is...


let it roll....


you dont sound ungrateful... you just sound like you had a rosy view of what life was going to be like... and since it doesn't "look" like you thought it would... you feel like somewhere along the line you did something "wrong"

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