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Should I let her get a peircing?

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It looks like she wants a pericing. On one hand, im alright with it.. on the other, i'm not sure. At least she's asking me right? Ultimately she's leaving it to me. But, I think it's important to let her have her freedom. Maybe I should let her get it ... if she really, really wants it.


Would you let your girlfriend/boyfriend get a pericing?



-She wants it on her eyebrow...


Honestly it's a turn off... it doesnt do anything for me and it's just... ughh... tough call..




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umm no offense but its her body, if she wants a piercing it should be her decision, not yours...


rather its a turn off or not, you should value her for who she is not what is on her skin, or not.


I think its a nice thing she is doing, asking you. But like I said you dont own her. Not saying you are acting like that. But "letting" her getting a piercing, your not her father, so I think it should be her decision alone....

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interesting topic.


i can compare this to when someone i'm dating suddenly wants to shave off their goatee (i happen to love facial hair on guys)... i can't really stop him, but i can whine.


if it's something that she really wants and will make her feel better about herself, i don't really see the harm. why is it such a turn off in the first place??


it's just a hole, it will close up. it could be something more permanent like a tattoo accross her forehead, so try to be accepting of her desires.

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It sounds like to me she's not asking IF she can get one, but rather what your reaction to one is. I'd say, tell the truth, now, rather than lying and saying "yeah, sweetie, go ahead, I'm sure I'll like it" and then 2 weeks go by and you're like "yeah... that bolt in your head makes you look like a freak"

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So then you should be honest with her and just tell her that you don't like the way piercings look on the body -- that it's unattractive for you. You're allowed to find piercings and tats unattractive (I do as well), but she's allowed to take that info into account and get one anyway if she wants.

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I was going to support her decision no matter what, however, I just don't care for pericingings.. or tats..


If you love her, you love her for her-not a piercing she may or may not have.


My boyfriend has tattoos I hate. But I don't love him any less for it. It's his body.



A Piercing is removable, anyway..If that is what she wants, and if you love her, you should be supportive, and be happy if she is happy.

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How's this?



It's your body you can do whatever you want with it. I'll support whatever decision you make. It might be kinda hott.. Personally I don't like pericings though


How about, "I don't like piercings on any woman. It's your decision though. if you want a piercing, I'll support you, and I'll still think you are the most beautiful girl in the world!"

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Do you guys always play the father/daughter game? If you do, this is just normal for you and no harm done. If not, why was she asking you if she 'could' get a piercing. Neither I, nor my bf likes piercings or tats at all, but if we wanted one, we would get it without asking permission. And the other would keep their mouth shut about it at that point.

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It's a rather new relationship, and we're still learning about each other. We are very comfortable with each other and everything in the relationship is well...


if this is a new relationship..then you definitely have no say in this.


Just be honest and say you aren't fond of them, but you will still think she is beautiful, and it's her decision....

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