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I Hate Hairdressers


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I guess I can take pride knowing that this story isn't all bad.


I decided to get my hair cut today, as I mentioned somewhere on here before, my hair had been down to my armpits for the better part of the last three years.


From the moment I sat in that chair, I knew things weren't going to go well. Back in October I shaved the back of my head (Underneath my long hair.) Since that time, the area that was shaved had grown about three or four inches. I sat in the chair and told the woman that I wanted my hair to be that length (three or four inches) pretty much all over. The woman did not understand me and I have no idea why, at first she though I meant that I wanted my long hair cut to the point on my neck where my short hair ended. I tried again to explain it to her and she got frustrated with me, she said "I'm going to get you a bok to look through because you're confusing me." So she got me a book and I found the kind of hair that liked, kinda short, but really not too short, long enough to cover most of the ears. I showed her the picture and she says "Ohhh, so you want just that length on your head." I confirmed it so she started by trying my hair up and cutting the ponytail off (Had to do this because I was donating my hair to locks of love.)


Then disaster struck.


She cut my hair and at a few points it looked rather good. My hair just kept getting shorter and shorter, every time she asked me "Is this short enough?" I would say yes, but she'd keep cutting. when it was all over, my hair was about two inches shorter than I wanted, and I looked like a * * * * * * * .


The one joy I got from this is knowing that my hair went to someone who needed it, I just wish the hairdresser knew what she was doing.


Say, does anybody know the average rate in which hair grows? Because now I want my hair back lol.

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It depends on the person. My hair grows very fast, but my roommate's hair grows super slow. I don't understand what is it with hair dressers. They LOOVE cutting, always end up shorter than what you'd like. Sorry, that sucks. I'm always huffing and puffing after I get my hair cut.


Try massaging your scalp while you shampoo, it supposes to help with circulation and hair growth.

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Average rate of growth is 1/2 inch per month or slower, depending on the person, health, etc. Mine grows at that 1/2 inch rate or slightly faster, so I guess that is just a rule of thumb. Keep your nutrition up, it helps.


Next time you will need to find a hairdresser that is smarter than her scissors or any other inanimate object ... mine is great, she knows I don't like short hair and she doesn't give me "grandma bangs" ... they want to do that if you are over 30, what is with that anyway?


I think it is great you donated your hair, what a great thing to do.

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Well, as a guy, it won't take long for your hair to look normal again, even if it does not grow very fast...


My sister called me in tears yesterday as she went to a new hairdresser (whom was recommended by a friend) and the lady BUTCHERED her hair (did not listen to anything she said and rushed through as she was off at 5 and such...). Way too short, weird short layers that stick up, strange angle on bangs...


My sister is now trying to get in for an emergency haircut and $250 worth of extensions to tide her over for 3 or 4 months until it grows out just a little and looks less awful!

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I was always told that my hair grows really fast, but I just think it's average.


It sucks to hear stories about people having their heads butchered, but at the same time it's a bit settling know i'm not the only one.


I wanted to get up and walk away when I noticed that she was going nuts, but she was always leaving one side noticably longer than the other, so if I just got up and left I would look like a train wreck.

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I go to a very expensive Aveda place and all the hair stylists there are great...except for one. Mine left (had a baby) so I was recommended I see Rachel. My hair, at the time, was half-way down my back, i LOVED it.

I went in for a cut, color, highlights and lowlights. I made this clear. I made it very clear that I wanted to go back to blonde (it was red at the time).


So, all the foil comes out, she starts cutting, and cutting, and cutting... to ABOVE my frickin shoulders! AND, she only put TINY, whispy little blonde highlights.


"Oh, we had you down in the book for partial highlights"


She didn't offer to fix it, I didnt want her to butcher it even more.


My mom went in there to get hers done and showed Rachel a picture of my old blonde hair. "Oh, wow. She DID want blonde". Duh. Idiot.

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It's a pain to find a good hair stylist. Like ILMBC, I go to salons that use Aveda products. It took me a while to find a hair stylist that I like. I have trouble describing to the people what I am looking for in a haircut. I like it when a stylist can tell what I want based on the limited description I give them. Recently I found a good stylist and have been going to her.


As for color/highlighting, the salon I go to, has separate people to do color/highlights and that is all they do. Recently I got a color/highlight (very pricey), but I'm not that happy with it. I am going to try it with a different person but at the same salon next time.

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I can so sympathise - I went to the hairdressers last week for colour and a TRIM; I took my eye off what was going on, and he took over three inches off. I was gutted, but once he had started, there wasn't a lot left I could do. Arghh!!


It grows quickly - and one tip to grow your hair quickly is to take kelp supplements. They really boost hair growing for a couple of months, then stop having an effect, but that always works for me.


It grows in, though - it's only hair, I suppose!

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You have both my sympathy and empathy. Many, if not most people in the hair trade who are just too scissor-happy. Ask them for a trim, and they massacre it.


Way too many bad crops in the past have resulted in me letting my hair BE. I haven't visited a salon in a year, and for the foreseeable future I intend not to. Long hair rules

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