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Is it too soon? Please answer ASAP.

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My girlfriend and I have been dating for two months as of tomorrow, and we were friends for some time before that. We always have a good time together; i know that I love this girl, even though I'm 17 (I probably don't know what love is) and she mean alot to me. She has told me that I'm amazing and that I'm unlike any other guy she's ever met. I've told her that I care alot about her and that she means alot to me. I wanted to write her a note tomorrow along with a picture of the two of us to let her know I care (perhaps with a flower for our 2 months). The thing is, I've never actually told her "I love you." Is it too soon to do so? Would most girls be weirded out? She means so much to me and I want her to know that. This sounds really stupid to most of you probably but I'd appreciate a response soon.

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Hey, Well im a girl and i think its fine...2 months is long enough to figure out that i think...I say go for it...

Plus...why should u hide your feelings??

But ofcourse, make sure ur getting all the right signals..and if u are..then just do it.


2 weeks=scary

2 months= normal


goodluck xox



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It's not as bad as a friend of mine that told a girl he loved her within four days...


I'm not trying to sound negative, but when two exchange words such as,"You're special to me," or, "You're like no other," it's really true, but then again, it can be said to anybody. I've been badly scarred from my first and only relationship so far- because my girlfriend told me she loved me, that I was precious to her, etc.; but it really didn't turn out that way down the road.


What I'm trying to say is, give your relationship more time, and more experience with her, to develop and realize your feelings. As you continue with her, your feelings will grow and grow.

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Ok, From that I disagree with A|n or how to spell his name correct..


I am a person who told my b/f and he told me at the same we loved eachother..


If you feel confident enough to say it, then say it, but wait a little longer until you feel that NOW is the time to say it..


I have been raised in the way, if a person loves you, and you express your feelings no matter what say it do it and show it the way you want..


My father have raised me into do the things my heart tells me..


There the word called "blind-love" steps in..


But I believe in love.


And you will feel when she is ready..


Trust me, when her eyes tells you that she loves you.. When you kiss or are talking.. When she smiles that secretful smile..


then you know she loves you..

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i would have to say why hold back on your emotions, if this is how you feel then dont deny them let her know, and it will have to be a barrier that you overcome if being an issue (which i cant see it being so from what you say about how you feel and her also).

talk to her about it, could you imagine not telling her and then loosing her, now that would be a regret lasting forever.


good luck and no i dont believe its too soon, but A|N is right there could be consequesnces, just dont regret thinking that the only consequence within the relationship was that you never told her.



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Thank you everyone, I waited a week or two longer, but tonight I told her how I felt. It was so hard to do, but she told me that she loved me too, alot. She also said she was thinking the same thing... too nervous to tell me for fear I would think she's falling in love too quickly. She then told me all of the reasons she loved me and It was the best feeling in the world hearing her say those things. Man, the rest of the night was somthing out of a movie. Thanks to everyone who told em to go for it.

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