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Arranging the first date..problems


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So last week i met this girl off of a dating website, but she goes to the same school as me. So after talking online for a bit we both had a lot in common, she complimented on my looks, and she really wanted to meet up with me. I did eventually ask if she wanted to grab dinner during the online conversation and she responded with "about time, i was waiting for you to ask me".


Normally i would not ask a girl out like this but i think because she is from my school and because she acted like she wanted me to, i just went ahead and asked her. Now i originally scheduled a date with her on saturday..which was part of the three day weekend here in America. Now she had friends down from her home state..since she is living on campus during the summer. She said that we could grab dinner that night but she didnt know what time her friend was leaving and to give her a call and see if she left. Well i called her and her friend was still with her so the date was called off.


Now i texted her on monday night and she said "so when are we gonna hang out" so i asked her if wednesday was a good time. I called her on tuesday night to confirm and she didnt answer..claiming she didnt hear the phone ring. Today we made the date for dinner again and she canceled once again but this time like 3hrs before the actual date claiming she had to help her friend move in and forgot all about it.


So i told her i would call her again tonight and she said to call her after nine or so and she again didnt not answer when i did..i left her a text message. We talked today via text and she said tomorrow would be a good day to go out since she has the day off.


Tomorrow is the last day i am going to ask her our..honestly i want to believe this string of events but at the same time i don't trust people at all..mostly because of life events. Im wondering what you guys think because it seems like she is interested yet she doesn't show any interest at times but at other times she does. is she just playing with me or is she actually really busy, or is this how she normally acts.


Honestly i have never had this problem before and she seems like a very mature girl so i don't think this would be the problem. But like i said tomorrow is the last chance and if she wants to schedule another date she can call me...is this reasonable?


If you need more information..ill post it..


thanks guys

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It's a tough one. The first plan was tentative only - she told you in advance it was tentative, so that doesn't count. the second plan - that's her first chance - she did act in an unreliable way. but I would give her one more chance and if she cancels last minute for anything other than an emergency, I would not reschedule.

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Yeah, I tell women firsthand I hate it when women flake on me. It's my life, and I choose who gets to be a part of it, not the other way around. Too many guys give in to a woman just because she's pretty. I don't let looks govern how much I'm attracted to a woman. She has to have good values and manners, too. I don't think I would have even given this girl a second chance after she conveniently forgot she was helping someone move. It's flaky behavior and rude to both you and her friend.

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yea i decided to start from the beginning and just talk to her online and move to phone and then try for the date after some talking..etc etc.


Yeah, I agree with Annie. If you're going to give her another chance, give her another chance. Don't go all the way back to the beginning. You're almost certain to get friend zoned doing that.

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