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..make him want me?

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First of all, I'm 17. There's a guy I've been talking to for a few months..and I have completely fallen for him. The thing is, he is very shy..he's never had a girlfriend. Sometimes I really think he feels the same, but he makes no effort to be with me. Is this because he's shy, or he doesn't care? Is there anyway to give him a push? thanks for any help.

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i think he is just really shy & doesn't know if you like him so he doesn't want to risk getting rejected. i don't think you should jokingly ask him out cause if he can tell that you are joking, then he might say no because he would think it was all a joke, then that would just mess a lot of things up. i think that you should try to make the first move. maybe you should tell him that you like him. if he likes you, that will make it easier for him to let you know how he feels. or just drop clues every once in awhile. like one day tell him he's cute, or that you think he's an awesome guy.

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What's the best way to bring up that topic though?


Today I made a really big step, I had a nice chat with a girl I like. Now I feel extremely confident when speaking with so next week I'm gonna pop the question (wish me luck! )


I would say talk to the guy about anything, it could be topical or it could be about something you heard them talking about to someone else. For example I started talking about driving with the girl I liked. thereforeeee I think this is your best option.


All the best.

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