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To those who are happily married or in an LTR: what was your first date like?

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I'm in the mood for some romantic stories If you are happily in a long term relationship or married, I have a few questions for you: what was your first date like? Did you have any hints on that date that your partner was a keeper?


I'll start: I am single, but my parents are married and funnily enough, they did not hit it off at first but I guess they made the right decision to give it a shot because sure enough, after a few years of dating, they ended up deciding they were right for each other.

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I'm not with this guy, distance and school is too much too handle. But just thought I add in a story for you. He lived in Pennsylvania, I lived 3,000 miles away, saved up to see him. We first met in person at the airport, I was going to spend two weeks with a stranger basically. But he kissed me right away like he known me for a long time. Then smiled. He was so gorgeous, I still miss him, still believe he was the one. Still haven't been able to let go....

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I've been with my boyfriend for two and a half years - not sure if that qualifies!


Anyway, our first "date" was spur of the moment dinner because the dining halls at school were closed. It was SO awkward. Ha ha! He was making wayy to much eye contact for my taste, staring me down, so I kept looking away to compensate. I was really nervous so I didn't eat most of my food and afterwards was STARVING.


Our first planned date - a few days later - was great and our first kiss was wonderful.


Also this is so cheesy, but I swear when I met him (about 2 weeks before our first date) I just knew he had an instant crush on me and that he would be my first love. I don't know if I'm just remembering that because it worked out though. I don't really believe in "just knowing" or "the one", so it's a bit strange for me.

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I've been with my bf for just over 4 years now. Our first date was a disaster! I turned up 45mins late and he was really ill so couldn't concentrate. We kind of stumbled into dates, mostly our mutual friends pushed us together at dinner parties etc - after about 6 months though we just knew there was something special, a lot more than awkward silences etc. We are so close now that sometimes it amazes me how far we've come from the beginning!!!

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met my bf when he came to my hometown visiting his family. he ended up living about 300 miles away from me. we swapped phone numbers and i think that both of us were not expecting much at the time.


we started talking more on the phone, for hours at a time, for months, then just decided to meet up for the weekend. so our first date was basically a weekend together. we went to the cinema, went out for coffee, then went back to my house and watched a movie.


at that stage we didnt know what the sleeping arrangements would be, neither of us had mentioned that side of things, we just kind of said before we met up that if it happened it happened, if it didnt, we would just have a great time as friends and no hard feelings. so when i was so tired i needed sleep i told him i was going to bed and to feel free if he wanted to join me, he did, and the rest is history.


after a year or so long distance, we moved in together.


been together for five years now.

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I'm not even sure what qualified as our first date haha...we kind of accidentally hung out together...really: due to an accident


He was a friend of a friend who drove me to pick somethign up in the city, and on the way back his car blew a tire too far from my home. Tow truck took an hour, so we walked around. Fixing the car took an hour. Then we were hungry. We couldn't stop talkign until the restaurant almsot threw us out haha because they were past closed. He told me we should break his car more often.


The second I got into his car he blew my mind with playing the music I listen to that I would have never guessed he liked (techno hardcore stuff). I couldn't stop laughing the whole time I was with him. Couldn't stop talkign to him. It felt good beign with him. Everythign happened very fast from the day I started noticing him to being engaged. We ended up seeing each other non stop almost everyday...soemtimes due to staying over the same place for a party, so few days at a time lol. I slept in his arms twice before he asked me out, and it felt good, it felt like home. He said i shocked him haha.


Two weeks after we started this whole mating ritual, he had to leave for two weeks to Arizona for an Army thing. Strangely enough, I was leavign for two weeks on a road trip the mornign after he'd come back (going into the same direction whee he was). He came back at 9pm, we didnt' sleep until he drove me to the meetign place in the mornign 6am.


The longest we went not having contact -since we noticed each other- was when I was in no reception zone in Arizona and around there, for three and a half days. As a matter of fact, i think that is still the record til this day.


He's goign to germany for three weeks i ntwo months. Due to cost I don't think we'll get ot talk much. I'm really going to go nuts, we're attached to each other, I always feel so dead after three weeks of him not beign here and not having any "real" talkign time with him.


We fell hard and we fell fast.

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I met my boyfriend when I was 13. You know how being 13 was, I had just lost a best friend (friends, toxic friendship, etc, she was older than i was), So I was making new friends in middle school. I met my current best friend, Hannah, in my "hall". We always hung out and we were hilarious together XD. Anyway, I was dating this kid rich ("dating" haha) but he broke up with me for like godwhoknows--nothing serious. Anyway, my little 13 year old heart was broken and I was like man I need a boyfriend, haha. I live in gurnee (near chicago, IL) and there is a six flags like 10 minutes from my house. One day Hannah and I decided to go to six flags with our friend Jimmy, and hannah's friend Mike. Mike was in my 4th grade class but I had never really talked to him. I thought he was cute. (i know i sound 13 again). Anyway, i was riding all the rides with hannah, cause I wasnt that close with jimmy and didnt know mike. Then Jimmy wanted to ride a ride with Hannah, so i was like ugh fine and rode with mike. (By the way, he's hilarious too!) I was thinking like jeese this is kind of awkward. Anyway, so i just made casual conversation with him. He says I mentioned that I had to spit. So the ride took off and with the butterflies & my stomach turning from the ride i could have thrown up. Then the ride stopped and we were stuck on the ride together. Then this loud alarm sounded and i got an impulse to say "If we die, I love you". He just laughed lightly. It was cute. Then it was just amazing chemistry from then, and were happily together now.

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Our first date the second time around (we dated many years ago) was not really a date, not sure if it counts. We were two friends catching up for dinner after many years of not seeing each other at all (except for one, over a year earlier). The sparks caught us both by surprise. Our first "real" date was 6 weeks later (after two more non-dates that were also sparky, but platonic), was very romantic (he gave me a gorgeous necklace for my birthday and helped me put it on - when I asked him later why he didn't take that opportunity to kiss me for the first time - well the first time, second time around - he said "well, that moment was about giving you your birthday present and I didn't want to use my helping you as an excuse to kiss you right then).


The first kiss - later that night - made heaven and earth stop. And that's an understatement.

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I take the first time we actually went out as a couple as our first date. We were friends and housemates for 2 years before he confessed his feelings to me, and we had been going out for dinner before (that was when the sparks started!). On our first real date he emailed me that he made reservations for a movie (Walk the Line- we both love Johnny Cash). We hold hands in the bus for the first time and never walked without holding hands since. We had kissed by then but not ehm... French, and let's just say that we had to see the movie on DVD when it came out because we missed half of it that time.


We didn't sleep together that night, but it sure didn't take long before we shared the bed (no sex yet), and went on our first mini-trip. God, it seems so long ago now. We live together since Sep 2007 and we are talking about children/marriage. He's the best thing that ever happened to me.

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I met my (now fiance) on a dating site in late Sept. of 2002. We talked for a few days on the computer, and then on the phone, and then met for our first date in Oct 2002. We went to a favorite pub of mine in between our towns (we lived about 1 hour apart) and had burgers and beers. He looked sooo nervous when I came in!


I had a UTI (bladder infection) that night (diagnosed the next day!) so I was up to the bathroom several times during the date, which was embarrassing, but despite that we had an instant chemistry... he was very easy to talk to and he really made me laugh. He said the same about me. We both felt like something clicked, and 6 weeks later we moved in together.


Here we are, almost 6 years later, and getting married in 4 months! He's my best friend and I love him to pieces, he still makes me laugh every day.

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I met my boyfriend a week before I was supposed to move a few states away. The first time we met, sparks flew. The weird thing was, I worked with his sister and he worked with my good friend. They were always trying to set us up but we were both in relationships at the time. Anyway, a year later we officially met and our first date was a day later...we went to the movies and out for dinner and talked about EVERYTHING for over 8 hours. I felt like I was catching up with an old friend.


We were together everyday for a week until I moved, but we kept in touch and talked on the phone every night. One night on the phone, he asked me if it would be weird if he came to visit me. Normally I would NEVER let a guy do this, especially after knowing him only for a week. But it just felt so right. So he drove 10 hours by himself to come see me for a weekend. I moved back home about 2 months later, and the rest is history. We've been together for 3 years now... And we can still talk for hours about nothing : )




**I'll also give my mom and dad's story, since they were madly in love**

My dad was previously married before he met my mother. He was adament on having children, but she refused. Apparently, she said she wanted children before they got married, and then she changed her mind. My dad divorced her because having children was always important to him. A year later, my dad met my mother. They never knew each other, but found out that they graduated from the same highschool (he was a year above her). After their first date, my aunt (my dad's sister) told my dad "You better marry that woman or you're a fool." He listened to her and they married a year later. My dad unfortunately passed away 11 years ago from brain cancer, and I think my mother will always compare everyone to him. They were great together.

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Living on opposite ends of the country, we never really had conventional dates.


We met through a mutual friend when we were all staying there for the weekend. I didn't really have a bed to stay in so on the last night I stayed in his double air bed in the living room (all completely innocent!). We woke up earlier than everyone else on the last morning and we got on so well and I thought it was a shame that we'd never see each other again. He was winding me up and I remember him saying "well you never have to see me again after this".


We live 260 miles apart so I didn't even think of swopping numbers. He got mine from my friend about a week later. The night that I met him I had been so drunk and made a bit of an idiot of myself, and my friends were saying that never in a million years did they think we'd get together.


Almost two years on and we're moving in together in 3 months time.

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