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Is that a date?


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Same cafe, new people... haha, I've been studying with some new friends at the cafe that I made there, a group of ethiopians, one who introduced me to the others. Anyways, the one who introduced me to everyone (a woman friend) said we should go for food, we were talking about ethiopian restaurants. I was like sure, and mentioned to the other two later we should all go out to celebrate after finals.


Tonight going back, the guy gave me a ride back to my house. I accepted because I didn't want to be rude, because it was midnight and the last time one of the ethiopians offered me a ride, and I declined, she was really insistent and worried about me walking alone. So I accepted and he asked me what I was doing this weekend. I said, studying and had some plans already. He asked me if I wanted to go to an Ethiopian restaurant on Sunday, and I said no, not this weekend, but next weekend...


I thanked him for the ride, and said we'd see each other at the cafe (we've all been there every night).


He seems really like a nice, polite guy, but he is quite a bit younger than me. He is good looking, but in a way he makes me feel a little bit old. I'm 28 and he is 23 (but 20 here, because when he immigrated they changed his age). That is kind of a big difference.


So, in your opinion, does that sound like he is asking me on a date or is it friendly?

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Have never understood why this issue comes up so much. Is it a date, is it not a date? Men don't worry too much about this as when we ask a woman out to do something, all possibilities are open, we aren't foreclosing anything at that stage. Am I missing something?

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I totally agree. It just caught me off guard, I suppose because the other women in the group of people he hangs with are drop dead gorgeous... and I'm like... I know I'm not ugly or anything, but they definitely are up a level from me. So I was unsure.


But yeah, I said, no, but then he said o.k. to going on the next week. So the plan is there vaguely, but we did not exchange phone numbers or anything. I have everyone elses number but him.


I don't know. Don't you still think 23 and 28 are too different ages? But then again he is different from me in every way, being from Ethiopia.

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I don't think the age difference is that big of a deal, as long as the two of you share some common interests & have an attraction for each other, I wouldn't worry too much about it.


You know Demi Moore & Aston Kutcher, right? Or, what's that movie called... How Stella Got her Groove Back

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