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"Players" - are they even worth it?


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I recently met a guy a few weeks ago through a friend i was vaguely aware of his reputation as a "player", i saw him again in the night and he told me how gorgeous he thought i was and that he remembered meeting me before and liked me but didn't want to ask who i was to my friends.


I managed to get separated from my friends and he offered to walk me home but his house was closer so i ended up walking back there. I didn't intend to sleep with him but we did, it wasn't akward in the morning and he held me all night which i've never had with someone who wasn't a boyfriend.


I wasn't sure if he'd want to see me again because of his reputation but he took my number off my phone whilst i wasn't in the room so it wasn't like he felt he had to ask for it. He said might come to the pub to meet my friends and i the next day if he had finished his work but i didn't hear from him until the evening when i got a several SMS messages from him which were fairly flirty.


I was the last person to SMS him and haven't spoken to him since because i've been away. However he told my friend that he "thought i was gorgeous" and my friend said he was quite interested. However he took a girl home with him on wednesday because i was away!


I'm really confused as to his motives if it was just a one night stand why contact me and tell someone you like them? Can players really commit? Or are they all untrust-worthy?

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players have this weird way of getting girls. even though girls know a guy is a player, they some how fall into his trap. i think it is possible for some players to realize that they no longer want to be a player & want to be with one person, but a lot of players find it hard to just commit to one person. im sorry to say this, but i don't think he's wanting to be with just you. yeah, he might have said you were gorgeous & he might have truly thought that, but i think that since he slept with another girl since he was with you, he's not ready to commit to one person. taking your number & calling you & stuff might just be part of his game, but it also might mean he wants to still see you. however, i think that since he slept with that other girl, it proves that he doesn't want to be with just you.

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i think you you better be careful on this one dear last thing you need is your heart broken as hot or gorgeous he may be you don't want to fall into love with him and get hurt you deserve better than that i dated lots of guys who fooled around behind my back and i got hurt bad. maybe just have a goodtime with him but try not to fall in love having your hear tbroken is the worst. good luck dear

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Depends on what you mean by "worth it." If you aren't looking for a committed relationship yourself, sure, they generally treat you well - when they're around. If you're looking for someone to be yours exclusively, chances are nope, if this guy is seeing other girls and you, exclusive is not what he's in the market for right now. It's a case of being on that same "page" again - take a look at what he seems to be wanting - good times, enjoyment, and no strings, if that's not the kind of guy you're looking for, best to move on, he won't change until he's ready to settle down himself.

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