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Steam rollers, people who avoid conversation? More on my bachelorettes.


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Just wondering if anyone has run into people I call "steam rollers"? Basically people who ignore your questions and move right on to another subject.


I'm emailing 2 women now. Bachelorette #1 is out of the picture. So down to #2 and #3.


Now, #2 is very intelligent. She's a great girl. In our emails she thoughtfully answers my questions. Extracts information out of my emails from which to derive her own questions, etc. She's actually engaging in the conversation.


With bachelorette #3 she is really attractive, but she is a steam roller. She doesn't answer my questions at all, then says she has nothing to say to me. What the heck? Is she not paying attention? Is she dumb? Or maybe she has relied so much on her looks that she hasn't developed any character. Of course it could also be that she's bad at email.


In any case, what do my fellow enots do when faced with a steam roller?



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If these are women on dating services or social networking sites, understand that the ones with attractive pictures get literally deluged with mail, puffing their heads a bit, which is understandable, and causing them to seem more self-centered than they might actually be. The best plan is to move to an in-person meeting as quickly as possible when dealing with women met on the net, then you can begin the process of finding out what they are really like.

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Thanks for the advice folks. Every day that goes by I'm liking bachelorette #2 more and more.


And it's not that I won't give #3 a chance, but yeah, looks are definitely not everything. My ex is very attractive to me, but she's got problems, so I know what you mean smudders.



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There is no way i could even remotely entertain dating a dullard in the area of conversation.


I would always take the one who converses best even if he doesn't look the best.


Looks fade, intelligence grows - that is if there was a foundation for it to foster in the first place.


I dated a guy briefly a few years back and i swear every conversation always managed to be about him and forget having an interesting conversation about ANYTHING. Suffice it to say we dated briefly.

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