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sex in the shower


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You could try having her face away from you, bend over a bit, and try to find something solid to hang on to for balance. If she's in a stable position, you can use her for balance.


If it's a bath/shower type place, rather than simply a shower, you may find it helps to have her put on of her feet up on the side of the tub. It may result in an easier to manage height and/or angle, either facing towards each other or facing away. Again, look for something solid for balance (no, a shower curtain won't do!!, even the rail holding the curtain, if not too high, may not be secure enough either.)

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to me sex in the shower is like sex anywhere else......only your soaking wet in this one. seriously, you can sit in the tub and she can get on top,

you can bend her over to the side or any wall. if she's flexable then the options are endless. dont ever think sex is just her on her back laying down. experiment, whats the worse that could happen??


now onto a personal feeling i have about sex in water. i feel the water takes away the womans natural lubrication..........so to me id rather be having sex somewhere else. dont get me wrong, ill take it anyway i can get it. i can say there isnt much hotter then seeing your girl all wet and naked.

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it all depends on the height difference between you two! when ive had sex in a shower my partner is like just taller than me by about 2-3 inches. in a shower there is usually a ledge around the base to stop the water escaping, try getting the girl to put on foot on that or one foot on the ledge on opposite sides of the shower, if you have had sex standing upo before just do it like that, but sometimes it helps if the girl is on a slight slope, hope this helps!! (its amazing btw!!)

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