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long rant, needed very much to vent and have no one else to go to.


Hey guys,

I posted earlier this week on how I was desperate to get over my ex after crying everyday solid for months.

We broke up (in January) because we were already long distance and I was moving even farther away and we had been arguing a lot and things were just falling apart. We were together for nearly 2 years and he was my first love.

But we still spoke daily and still had a solid understanding that we loved each other very much. We got back together a few times, broke up a few more times, it was a very messy situation.


Anyway he got a new girlfriend and I left him alone after that because it hurt too much to speak to him knowing he was with her.

Then I was stupid and texted him a couple days ago to remind him that I'm leaving in a week. He didn't text back so I just left it alone.

Then today he was online and messaged me making small talk and then asked me to call him because he didn't feel like typing so I did.

He told me how he's never been this happy before, how he's crazy about his new g/f, she's beautiful and they have so much in common, his friends adore her, he's meeting her parents tonight, his parents love her, he's moved on from me, he doesn't love me like he used to, he never sees us getting back together, he'd like to stay out of contact with me because he doesn't consider me a friend and I'm not a girlfriend, etc etc.


He's a cold, sadistic bastard and he knows full well that I'm not over him and that he is my first real boyfriend and was my first love. How does one handle that total rejection?? I've been miserable, missing him and praying that somehow we would be together again one day. And then he pulls this one out on me. I wish I could say he is just doing this out of anger but I remember when we first got together he had an ex girlfriend that he was still talking to and one day she called and he more or less gave her the same speech and then never spoke to her again. So I don't know why this shocked me... I knew he was capable of being cold and emotionless...I just never expected it to be towards me. I want to be strong but it's so painful having his words hang over me like this when I still so much miss the love that we had.

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What an arsehole.


You do NOT deserve that. If anything, you should feel relief that this man is out of your life.


The cycle will continue. The new girl is in for a real surprise someday. You WILL find someone who treats you so much better, and you will be that much happier.

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thanks everyone! after writing that i thought about it and figured...

it's okay to cry because you miss someone.. but after that, i don't miss him, i feel nothing. it still hurts no doubt, i won't lie to myself, but no way in hell am i going to let myself cry over that

in a way his hate might actually help in the long run

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It will definitely help you! I'm getting to the anger stage and it's definitely doing it for me. I got the same bastardly talk and it was excrutiating. Now I laugh a little going, ha ha think you had any effect on me? Nope! You know why he called? To make sure I knew it was over. By saying everything he possibly could to let me know it was dead. I got the picture.


You've got the same attitude I do now. Cry a bit but hey, you'll pull through and don't let it get to you too much.



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