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Of Life and it's Termination

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I recently lost a good friend. A wonderful friend.


Some good friends are made because you have something in common with them. Some because your personalities compliment each other. Others are completely unknown and unlikely.


This friend was all of the above and more.


I, somewhat briefly, worked in a school for blind children. It was a sobering and fantastic experience. Life takes new meanings when you see children who appear so unfortunate do achieve truly miraculous feats.


This woman was the most giving person I have ever met.

She would do anything for anyone and never stop to take a break.


Her name was Ellen and she had a massive impact on my life without ever knowing. And she never will.


She was paid next-to-nothing to work long, hard, unsociable hours for a slave-driver whom she secretly hated.


And she did it all with a smile. Because she knew the difference she was making. But she never once gave herself credit for it.


She would then return to her mother's home to look after her because she suffered a stroke and couldn't afford to be in care. In her spare time she was a babysitter for her daughter's children.


Once a week she allowed herself enough of a break to go linedancing, which she loved.


She died instantaneously of undiagnosed accute bleeding in the brain.


This has absolutely shattered me.


To think that someone can just drop like that with no symptoms, no clue that just around the corner was the end.


I've been trying to take the best possible message out of this. Capre Diem I believe is the cliché. But it's difficult.


I regret not having the opportunity to talk to her one last time. I don't stay in touch with many people in my life, and I'm trying to mend that bad habbit now.


Life is just too fragile.


It almost makes everything else seem trivial.

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I'm very sorry to hear about this darkblue.


Can you do something in her memory that would have some meaning for you? Create some sort of memorial for her or other rememberance? Sometimes these kinds of things can be very healing and show others how important this person was to you.

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Thank you for sharing that sad story, darkblue. I'm sure this woman was well aware of your respect and admiration, but your post still goes a long way in demonstrating why we should tell those we care about how we feel as often as we possibly can while the opportunity to do so is there.


Aside to my great light: I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. Maintenant et toujours, that is the one absolute constant in my life.

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Av, one of her best friends and co-workers (also a good friend of mine) is making her a memorial garden in the school.


That sounds like a really great idea. Maybe you can add something to it and make your own personal contribution.

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Darkblue..your story made me smile. She had done somethng that many people do not get to do, she had an amzing impact on your life! even in her death she is still teaching you! Teaching you the importance of staying in touch with those that mean so much to us! Now that is what I call an amazing person! I am sorry for you loss, and one that was sudden. She jas left you many lessons that you can pass on.

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funny how we really see the 'good' in another after they are gone. It just proves that we don't open up and share our love and respect for others when they most deserve to hear it.


I'm guilty.


I think your gesture above, Darkblue, is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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I've very sorry to hear about your loss. Losing a good friend is very painful. I lost two friends to suicide last year and one was a good female friend. Like your friend, she had a great impact on me. I miss her a lot and feel sad I never had the chance to say goodbye to her. So I understand how you feel.


I think going through something like this makes you appreciate the people in your life more. I know I feel more grateful for the people I love and who love me.


I love the idea of the memorial garden. It's a wonderful way to commemorate her.

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