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Well, it's only been three weeks and one day since the big break up happened. i've been so unbelievably unhappy for two of these weeks, crying every night and feeling genuinely down and lonely. but then i found out he's an awful awful guy who just treats girls like rubbish...thank goodness i only wasted a short time of my life with him and not a full lifetime!!


He's been so cruel to me recently when all i've wanted to do is talk...i just get replies to my texts saying "shut up" or "just leave me alone now". so i have, i've left him alone. He's totally over me, which does hurt because he said out of the girlfriends he has had he loved me the most and it would take him ages to get over me...well it took him about a week. he's now settled into his life down the other side of the UK to me, has totally changed (he's just so mean and now he enjoys getting drunk when he never used to drink). And i really dont care right now. He's HURT me beyond all measure, and he doesnt care about me or my feelings, its all about him. he's not worth it. so i'm moving on. I'll be seeing him next weekend to exchange our stuff, other than that i never want to see him again. sure, il speak to him on the rare occasion, but i actually feel so much better and happier without him in my life.


So just remember, it does get better (especially when you don't see him - out of sight out of mind in my case at the moment). Just keep busy and dont think about him. Its also great to have a strong good family and set of friends around you

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I am in a very similar situation with my ex now. Maybe, you can read some of my posts and see how im getting through it. I've come out a much, much stronger person. It takes time, that's all. Time and great friends and family.


We are woman, we are strong! Haha ... that's cheesey, but it's true. We don't need a man to bring us down. You want a man to bring you up and make you happy.


Im glad to hear you are doing so well Keep it up!




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Hey Blondy


It sucks that he is treating you like crud - when you just want to talk - but he is doing you a favour really - in being hard nosed and being mean, at laest you can be in no doubt what you need to do - and you are doing it - good for you hun.


This is why it is so much better to have no contact - as you say - out of sight blah.


It is great that you have a good set of friends around you and that your family are close and supportive also - some people on here have nobody.


Keep posting darling - you are getting there!



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The last thing you said is very true. If you have family and friends around, it's much easier to deal. I was never close with my family and now this has all happened, I've realised how reliable they are, how caring they are, and at the end of the day, you only have yourself and your family. It's a good idea to stick by them because they know what's best.

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