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Goodbye Anthony - We'll Miss You


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A little disclaimer, this isn't my poem, but it's been writen by someone very close to me about a mutual friend who's just passed away. For the record Anthony was a kind soul - he had nothing, lived in poverty, but he was always willing to give you whatever he had. He had a great smile and a wicked sense of humour and was as gay as the day is long (and very proud and open about it considering he lived in a community of biggots). He was an all round great guy and everyone who ever met him will know he will be greatly missed.


He had been battling brain cancer for almost 5 years but never once lost his uniqueness and his personality. He was always upbeat and I think it was his positivity which got him through for this long - according to Doctors he had 12 months to live and he managed 50, 'beating' it several times. That gives us some sort of comfort to know that he's now in a better place away from the pain, but also hope to know that if you believe and if you really want to - you can battle through anything.


This poem touched me because he meant something to me, and I thought I'd share.



A very beloved friend passed away on January 29th 2008. Everyone that ever met Anthony knows what a wonderful soul he was and I will miss him so much.


Passing from Raven's Wing


I shall miss the looks of love

as he moves to high above;

his soft voice and gentle touch.

I shall miss his love so much.

Take the joy and love he gave.

Share it with all who crave.

Share it, do it in his name,

sow his seeds for lasting fame.


Heal my heart and soothe my soul

I didn't want to see him go.

Take my love and guard him well.

Take him where the Ravens dwell.

With him goes a part of me,

a love to last eternally.


Death is birth on Ravens'wings

With heart of joy his spirit sings.

With Raven Wings he soars above,

to the core of Spirit's love.


A soul unbound is freedom found

as he soars the circle round.

Free from the vagaries of life

free from pain; free from strife.

Free to ride on Spirits breath,

freed through the passage of his death.


Celebrate his spirit's birth.

Remember him with joy and mirth.

Share stories of his life you know

and with the stories let healing grow.


Keep his memory alive and GAY

and he shall never pass away

'til all the lives that he has touched

have turned to ashes and to dust.





Anthony, I will love you and miss you forever. You touched my heart.


Love and blessings,



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