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text sex


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ok well this girl texted me earlier hinting that she wanted to have text sex.. i have a couple questions. first, i've never really done it but i want to, what kind of things should i be saying? ie how should i start, how explicit to get, etc.


second, we were talking online and teasing each other and i brought it up, and she was like "if you're lucky" i told her i was feeling lucky haha... anyway i wanted to end the conversation so i was like "well i'm gonna waste my time elsewhere, maybe i'll go out looking for 4 leaf clovers or something" (for those of you who don't get it, they're a sign of good luck). she was like "if you find one send a pic it will be worth your while." ...so obviously im not gonna go out and find one, but i was thinking of drawing a picture of one with a note like "hey... who would have guessed?" and then i'd send a picture message to her of it over my phone. would this be cute or would i come off as over-eager?

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Aside from the fact that I'm really glad that I'm not a young person in today's world after hearing about this practice of text sex, I would send her the picture. Then I would stop the messaging and ask her out and bring this relationship into real life.


i agree - text sex sounds really lame.


yes, i would also send her a picture and ask her out in person. and then maybe you can have real sex with her someday.

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actually... my boyfriend and i have text sex all the time....


he texts me what he wants to do to me and i do the same to him....

we get off on it...


and it sure does spice up our long distance relationship...


so anyways.... go for it!!! its fun!!!


and as far as what to say.. just say what you are thinking... and what you want to do... it will all go well..

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thanks ashleigh, now at least i don't feel like a complete weirdo. and thank you definitely for the pic, i ended up drawing one and sending it though... haven't gotten a response yet. i guess we'll see how it plays out. lol


anyway i guess what im wondering is if should i start out slow, im assuming so. and how long should i go before i start getting into it

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She actually said she wants to have text sex? I've been dating someone long distance for over a year and we'll send suggestive texts or pictures, but it's more naughty texting than text sex. I think you just have to start out flirty and see how far you're both comfortable taking it. The picture sounds cute!

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Text sex?


am I the only person who doesn't get turned on by reading words off of a phone? Ok, maybe if I know it's going to lead up to something but.. ack! this is a new one to me.


Yes, and what happens when they start using IM short-hand that you don't understand... they send you WERDFG... and you're sitting there with your pants down thinking.." * * * ?"

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