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Family disappointment


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What would you do if your family were dead against the idea of you trying to get back with your ex?


Would you leave it alone and move on without even trying so that you wouldn't cause upset with your family, or would you fight for your own happiness if you thought you could make things work with your ex?


Nothing has happened here, its just something me and my parents chatted about earlier - and I was surprised at what they said..


Any thoughts?

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Much depends on the reason for the break up and what the ex is like. Sometimes parents are over=protective and take against an ex for hurting their child.


But other times they knew things were going pear shaped before their child did - and don't want it to happen again.

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Your parents have lived their life already, and have control of their own.


You are 35 so if you keep letting your parents control you your whole life, you are going to be miserable.


My parents really dislike my ex, but I still see him, not in a typical relationship way, but we still spend some time together.


My parents found out when we were spotted talking together by some family friends.


I just see him in hiding, because I don't think they should dictate my life.


It's really how you feel about it.


What does your gut tell you?


Is he someone you want to give an ounce of your time to?


I know it's nice to have approval from your family, but that's literally impossible to reach that in every aspect of life.


They are bound to disapprove at one point or another.


Hugs, Rose

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Your family members probably only know a fraction of what actually went on in your relationship. They are of course going to be protective and won't want you to be messed around, but I think unless they REALLY liked your ex they will probably always be biased against them because at face value, the simple fact you have broken up in the first place rings alarm bells in their minds.


Make your own decision and don't take their advice without having thought about it first. At the same time though, you shouldn't completely dismiss what they have to say - any outside advice is useful because love has the power to make us blind sometimes.

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I dated my ex for abot 7 months and they only met her 2-3 times, only becuase the distance between where my ex and I lived and my parents was pretty far and a tough task to see them regularily. My dad told me he didn't get a good first impression really.. becuase she was scared and nervous * * * * less to meet them etc and make a good impression.


My sister, brother, mom and dad, have all told me not to go back to her. They barely knew her.. yes she's put me through rough patches, but ultimately this is up to me. If they get mad... too bad, i'm 22 and can make my decisions now.


I have let them in the loop somewhat, but I hate it when they tell me how they think it is without even knowing everything.


People on this website knwo infiite more than my parents or other family members, besides my one brother who is going through the same thing right now with his ex.

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