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Well, this is just a rant really because I have become obsessed by this book.


I watched the TV adaption of Sugar Rush and I really enjoyed it, and then wondering round Waterstones I noticed a book in the Teen section with the same name and picked it up to find that the TV show was based on a book. I then though 'Oooh' and bought it. This is going back a couple years now, mind...


So I read this book, 100+ pages in the space of two days, and I loved it. Since the series and the book where almost completely different. Only the characters and plot are the same. It's hilarious, I'm not a big reader but I can say Julie Burchill (the author) is easily one of the best writers ever, especially for teenagers. Sugar Rush was her first teen novel, and I think she has found a home in it.


The plot is about posh fifteen year old, Kim, who has to exchange fromher expensive private school, to Ravendale Comprehensive, the teen jungle of Brighton. She then meets Maria Sweet, better know as Sugar. The Queen of the Ravers. When Kim and Sugar form a friendship, Kim finds herself falling more and more in love with her best friend.


The story of Kim follows the culture shock of changing from a private school to the chav world that is council estates, teen drinking and more importantly SEX. It also follows her obsession with Sugar, and how things and people can change over the space of time.


You must read this book... The lesbian theme has probably scared you already, but its not strong, I mean, I *was* straight when I first read this book. The book is hysterically funny and with cringe-worthy embarrasment for the characters. But I would recommened it too anyone...


Julie Burchill is one of the best writers ever (did I already say that?) Also, The book 'Sweet' Is a follow on from both the book and the TV show, and is also a very good book. But you NEED to read Sugar Rush first


Thanks for reading, if you could be bothered

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