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guy i met online acting weird


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So... wintersolastice (interesting screen name btw - what does it mean?)

Did you get the guy?!??



lol @ taking the mickey. I think I should lose ten pounds..... and i know arrogance is incredibly unattractive. But, in discussing someone I want to ask me out and can't imagine why he is not I feel a discussion of physical attractiveness is relevant...


lose 10 pounds?? - That IS you in the display pic right?? Well you don't need to lose weight, you look great!


why do you keep saying "hey" are you trying to be patronizing? A few things: I am not a brat who is used to getting her own way. My life is really uncomfortable and chaotic the phrase "in shambles" comes to mind... I don't know what you mean by internalize/externalize.. if you mean twist reality via imagination I do that (I notice details and am very imaginitive it is why Im a writer). Also I made the distinction of being a writer because you were suggesting I was vapid and stupid.... which I wanted to clarify I was not. (My writing alone in these threads should show I am quite smart)


Also, MY threads would revolve around ME and My Life wouldn't they? Isn't this where individuals come to pose romantic and otherwise queries and concerns???... Also, if he does sense my repellent conceit and returning to my original point why does he still talk to me on aim?


And you are right I am extremely insecure as well, I waver between hating myself and tolerating myself in some far off place...... I can't look people in the eye when I talk to them. It's a shame.


Why can you not look people in the eye when you talk to them? Whats made you so insecure?


I think this forum is dangerous because people reply without having read the thread & a lot of people here are jaded and unhappy and have a vested interest in making others feel rejected and undesired as well....


Wow, that really made me stop and think... I mean you could well have a point there...

I think everyone means well, but the posts on this thread have surprised me at being probably the nastiest stuff i have viewed on here that hasn't been 'removed' by moderators.


I think the posters are a bit jealous of me because their replies seem loaded and vindictive and accusatory....


I think she's right here. Somethings up anyway. I mean whats the girl done thats so wrong? Why has it gone from gentle listening and advice (which is what enotalone is here for) into ''attack'' mode??/


The way someone feels can never be stupid, and is certainly not a joke.


And i for one want to know how wintersolstice did get on with this guy...



U doing ok hun?


girl friend

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