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Hi, just a lil poem i thought id share. I like writing but havent bin able to write anything of potential till this situation was buggin mi and i feel it the first thing ive wrote with feeling for ages, and i personally am proud of it. Enjoy reading.


I thought I was over u and

I thought I didn't love u nemore


I guess I was wrong

Cos that day, wen I saw u

And I caught ur eye

I cudnt breathe,

My Heart stopped,

And I had butterflies

Tellin me, that


Im not over u

Im still lovin u,

No matter wat I do

To get u outta my head

Im not over u

And im still lovin u

And im in pain cos I feel this way,


We havent really spoke,

Since u let me go

I thought I was happy,

Getting on,

I didn't realise that I was just

Hiding from the pain,

and my true feelings.

But now I know


I wonder how u really feel now,

How did u feel that day?

Were u sad to see me?

Or did u just feel nothing, cos

I never really meant a thing to u,

Was I just a fool ova u?

I know that now,

Ive gotta move on,

not doin mi ne good,

Holdin on…

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