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Dealing with game playing


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I met a girl just over a week ago, and we have seen each other 3 times since and have text each other on the other days.


However, sometimes she replies to texts, other times not. This was a little bit annoying, but I wasn't too bothered. But then after ignoring my texts all day, she would text in the middle of the night or the other night she turned up at my house.


Last night though we were chatting on line. She said on saturday she had lots of males showing interest. I said that I had a girl who was interested, (and this was genuine) but I showed not interest back. she said I should have gone with her. I aksed if she had gone with any of the guys showing interest in her. She said she had.


I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing and came off-line. When I went back she had said she was only joking. I said it wasn't funny whether you had or hadn't. I was trying to talk to her and she kept ignoring questions and being evasive again.


I'm gathering this is a type of game playing. But to be honest I don't like playing games. Any advice with dealing with it?

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She is playing some sort of game or making fun with you. I would tell her that you don't really like it. If she continues then she is looking for your attention and nothing more.


I would not talk to her at all, and see if she contacts you. If not, then it wasn't ment to be.

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