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I stay optimistic that things will work out... Advice anyone?


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My b/f and I have been dating for four years and moved in together early this year.


I got into an argument with him about 6 weeks ago and thereforeeee is living with his best friend. We talked 2 days after the argument but did decide what we were going to do, only that he was scared to live with me emotionally b/c of the things I would say.


I started therapy the week of the argument b/c I wanted to find better ways to deal with stress. It was only recently that I started getting upset over little things and I felt that therapy would really help with that.


I called him for the holiday and left a voicemail but he did not call back. I have been staying with my grandma cause I could not take being at our place. He hasnt come back for not one thing so it became difficult to be there and try and deal with all of this.


I am looking for a temporary job while I am here b/c I was terminated from my job back home due to issues I was having with ethical things going on and I just did not feel that my job was a good fit for me.


I am weary about going back home b/c I do not feel ready. It has really bothered me that he hasnt talked to me. I wish I had gotten help sooner and maybe this wouldnt have happened but it has and I am really upset about it b/c now the person I was planning to spend the rest of my life with doesnt even want to talk to me.who wanted to spend their life with me, isnt talking to me.

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I think it's great that you're seeking help. Sometimes we're just dealt a lousy hand in life... it's how you deal with it that makes or breaks you.


I can understand that your boyfriend is upset, but if you are doing all you can to improve yourself, improve your situation, and improve your relationship... He really needs to grow up and make a decision on whether or not you are worth a second chance.


As a guy who has been in a similar situation, were you not seeing a therapist, I'd probably tell you to take a hike. However, seeing as you are dealing with it constructively, I would definitely let things slide and give you the opportunity to prove that you are really trying to improve things.


You're making the best of a bad situation, don't be so hard on yourself. If he can't work with you or forgive you for your faults that you are actively trying to improve upon, how could you imagine the rest of your life with him?


Maybe just give him time and space.

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