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It's only a few days late, so it could be stress. Also, if you've lost a lot of weight or changed your diet, that can have an effect too. However, even someone with very regular periods can have an off month every once in a while. I'm sure it'll happen in the next week or so, so try not to worry about it just yet.

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Stress (esp. likely during the holidays)


Hormonal changes as you're getting older (you're getting them awfully close together and maybe they're starting to adjust to a more normal cycle which would be closer to 28 days)


If you've let your weight get too low they could stop.



I wouldn't worry about it.

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don't worry. i skipped an ovulation period this summer and was nearly two months late (a little stressful!) and had my period every two weeks for my body to catch up (gross). but my ob/gyn said that skipping an ovulation period is caused by physical stress (diet, etc) or emotional stress on your body. but you are only a few days late, so i wouldn't worry too much. if you are a few weeks late, i would make an appt.


good luck!

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Lol @ annie


Yeah, it can vary. Don't sweat it. You have nothing ot worry about, especially if your not having sex. The chances of your bieng pregnant are very slim.


But there are numerous factors mentioned, I think most of them are here. But period irregularities are usually natural. Mine can be very irregular, in length, flow, date. Its just the way your body works


It will come so don't worry about it

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It is possible to become pregnant when your a virgin. If he fingers you and has recently ejaculated semen on his fingers you could be preggers! But I'm guessing that when you say you're not sexually active that you are including all sexual activity.


It can be down to so many different factors. If you're worried, see your doctor. A friend of mine went months without a period and then found out she had PCOS, so it's worth a visit to the docs.

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