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does she like me? could new years girl have meant nothing?


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i met this girl on new years eve at a party, and she came up to me

first, and we talked alot, she hugged me alot, touching, she sat by me alot,

she had a friend take a picture of us, i thoguht there was a connection there

or something, she fell asleep in my arms on the couch, so u think she has any

interest? or was just playing? she wasn't drunk or anything


i didn't ask for her # or anything cuz one i know shes only had one

kiss in her life which was while she was drunk, so i figured i could take my

time, and i mean i guess i didn't make it crystal clear i had interest cuz i

heard last night she has a crush on some other guy soo...how could that all

have meant nothing?


she doesn't seem like a

tease or flirt, and i would know cuz ive seen plenty, and then to hear she

likes some other guy...just hurts, i mean maybe she likes me too but i dunno


i guess i didn't like make it totally obvious that i liked her, but since i

knew i would see her again i figured whats the rush, so maybe she thinks i

have no interest, i also aparently flirted with her best friend some although

i didn't know they were best friends but she doesn't seem like a tease kinda

girl, so i think it meant something but its very..irritating to hear about

this crush on some other guy


ive seen her in a few times since then but, haven't made any moves otwards her, when she is around this guy she likes, i dont see any affection or anything?



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It sounds like she is sorta testing the waters. She could very well like you and this other guy at the same time. And there is nothing wrong with that. She isn't committed to either of you. Maybe this other guys shows her that he's interested in her more than you do. If this is the case, she will probably go for him only because he is sending her a clear message. If I were you I would be a little flirty with her. ASK her for her number and call her. Go out a few times and see where it will lead you. If you really like her, dont sit back and watch someone else win her over. Make a move! She wouldn't have been so cozy with you on new years if there wasnt any sort of interest there.

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