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I have been broken up now for 6 months. I have posted many times about it, very long story so I will just get to my point. She is going to be 29 and I am 28. We had an intense relationship for a year then she basically freaked and couldn't handle it anymore. she said she needed to be alone, although she used me all summer emotionally and when I got back from my travels to mexico we became physical for a brief period 2 months ago. We were so close and always could just connect on so many levels. I never really believed she could break away, but she has. I found out last week she was seeing someone. Now I found out last night he is some 25 year old guy she is playing in a band with. I just don't understand it all. she told me she would never date someone younger than her. Does this sound like a rebound or her just rebelling against herself. She was with someone for 5 years before me and they got married and then he left her 5 weeks later. I guess the girl is just so screwed up. she put me through hell and back and all I did was try to love her so much and take care of her. I just wish I could understand why people do these things? I know it won't last with this young guy but I am not hoping to get back together anymore. I have moved on but it just still hurts so darn much knowing she is with him.

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Hmm i can understand why she is acting like this to a degree


hey she has gone through the trauma of being married to a guy for 5 weeks and then he leaving her


its proably left a pschalogial scar on her ..poor thing i dont blame her hey if i had gone through a experience like that .. i would have really screwed the happiness out the next women ...

its just human tendency my friend ..and its not you


i think she needs serious help , and if you are her friend then you should get her some


i think if u sitck with her through this ,

(i mean if there is a psche prob) then u guys can have a real strong relationship


but i do understand her actions and do not blame her for them ..POOR GIRL


i guess some people on this planet girl or guys , are just pathetic human beings



so help her mate and see things through her eyes

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thanks. I know she has gone through a terrible loss and she is def scarred from it. I spoke with her last week and she told me she was thinking of him and of me. I wanted so bad to heal her and make her happy. I just never could, she never trusted me and was so jealous. I walked on eggshells around her. I was so scared to lose her but I never really had her. I am pretty much done with contacting her now. There is no point. I doubt her new relationship will be healthy and maybe she will come back some day but there is no point dwelling on that. I don't know what place this young guy is filling in her life. I think she is so confused and making a big mistake. she even told me that one day she may realize leaving me was the biggest mistake of her life. I hope she does but it is all so silly I guess. I just miss her so much and it has been a long time now. I am seeing perhaps the sweetest girl I have ever met right now but it is not taking away this emptiness I feel. I want so bad to work on my self but I have been acting destructive and not taking care of myself. I feel on the edge of a breakdown all the time. I went to the doctor and got on some anti-depress and am hoping that it will take some of this empitness away. I shouldn't be feeling this way. I have many wonderfull friends, a good family and I know that my life could be so great if I just stopped beating myself up so much. My anxiety is through the roof and I have been drinking too much on the weekends. I have so many things I am getting involved in but nothing excites me lately. Not even sex. Just so weird that my happiness was so based around this one person. I want to call her and yell at her for being with someone else but I am too so it is not fair.

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