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Ex Pics..


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They're on her computer, not on her night stand. You'll need to accept that she has a past and so do you. Unless she keeps one of her and her ex set as her wallpaper or hanging next to her bed, ignore it. There are bigger fights to be fought and this isn't one of them.

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She's your girlfriend now, not his. The fact that she has pictures of her and her ex on her computer may bother you but many people keep photos of their lives and don't delete the ex pictures.


It is from her past and her past made her who she is. The fact that she has these pictures doesn't mean she feels any less strongly for you then if she were to delete them.


If the pictures are on her computer and not a framed picture of her and the ex on her bedstand, why does it bother you?


You could mention them but 5 months into a relationship is a little too soon in my opinion to go around asking her to delete pictures from her past.


I have pictures of me with exs from all over the world, from festivals, life events, and things I don't want to forget. If someone was asking me to delete these pictures, I'd have to refuse because they represent parts in my life where I was becoming who I am.

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oh btw, when i broke up with my bf, i actually stored all pic's with him into a separate folder where i decided i wouldn't want to see it. i didn't have the guts to delete it.


then we got back together.... but i still keep my pics in that folder cuz i am yet uncertain about where my relationship is going with him.


i donno if this helps.

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My computer is packed with pictures of old friends and ex boyfriends. Doesn't mean I sit there and gaze at them all day.


But they are pictures. You shouldn't have to get rid of pictures. UNLESS YOU personally want to.


I could understand if the pictures were in paper form and just lying around, then you would have grounds to say something. But these are only on her computer. And like the others said as long as they aren't backgrounds and screensavers then I think you should lay this one to rest.

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Everyone has a past and ex boyfriends/girlfriends. My girlfriend used to show me photo albums full of her old life with her ex and everything. It didn't bother me because I knew she was with me now. Pictures are just pictures; they're memories. Unless she hangs them up on her wall or something like that, I wouldn't be too worried.

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I would never, ever ask a boyfriend to delete or otherwise dispose of pictures of past girlfriends. They are a part of his past, his memories, his history, and I think he should keep them! He should be able to look back on them many, many years from now. I mean, come on, you and she or my boyfriend and I might not last forever -- so why should they dispose of such precious memories?


Now, nude pics or something along those lines? THAT I would have a problem with!

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Hundreds or thousands... who cares.


I actually have a bunch of pics not b/c i was into taking the pics, but b/c my bf was more into taking pics.


Maybe what you can do is.... make a separate folder and label it "EX" or "X" and then put all those pics into that folder for her. Maybe she'll find that to be a cute thing or maybe she'll be angry that you moved her stuff, but if she's into you and not really into thinking about her ex's... then she shouldn't really have a problem with you having moved all the pics into a separate folder.


I think it's just less accessible if there's more clicking involved... hehe

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I wouldn't give her an ultimatim, but I definitely think you should tell her how the pics make you feel, because it's obviously eating away at you.


Sometimes believe it or not, girlfriends/boyfriends can be dense. Once upon a time, I had to remind my brother once to remove all his ex's prominently displayed photos when his girlfriend (now wife) flew over for her first overnight visit. He honestly was over his ex, so the pics were just "wallpaper" to him. Maybe that's how your gf feels?


If she's receptive, I'd encourage her to relabel them "X" photos like nuttybuddy suggested.

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