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Who should call?


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So I went out on a blind date the other night. Things went rather well, despite being pretty nervous. He was a really nice guy and cute to boot! We spent about 3 hours out talking, not too bad in my books. Here's the thing. At the end of the date, he said he would give me his number and he did, he said that he had a good time and that we could hang out again. I gave him my number again (he already has it) That was Friday, I think I'll give him a call on Monday. Is it ok that I'm calling him? Guys, what's your opinion on this? Did he give me his number so that I would be the one to call? I'm very inexperienced in the dating world and a little confused. If I do call, I'll only call once as to not chase after him, I've done enough of that in the past!

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Well, if he said that he had a good time and gave you his number, I think it's his way of wondering if YOU had a good time as well. Cuz ya know... girls will say one thing, but mean another. So although you may have told him you had a good time, he may have not been sure if you really did. And he doesn't wanna make a fool of himself chasing after a girl who was only semi-interested. So, I think he would like it if you gave him a ring. It's a DEFINITE sign that you're interested. But, I think you should wait. Give it until wednesday.... mid week. Tuesday is okay, but it still looks desperate. It's an early weekday and it shows that you've been thinking about him all weekend. But if you call wednesday, then it could be perceived as you are looking forward to another weekend and mid-week is like boring time at work, so it doesn't make you look desperate but that you're calling when you're pretty bored. Now, if you call even later, like Thursday... it's okay too, cuz then it shows that you're definitely not desperate and that you're thinking about having fun on the coming weekend and since you had a good time last time, you just thought about him again. It totally makes you look like you're just into fun. So it may actually make him nervous a bit, if he overanalyzes like I do. He might think that you don't take him seriously, but that you're just a fun-loving party gal.

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hehe. you didn't tell him you had a nice time? well, that's ok. that's probably why he gave you his number.


seriously, just give him a call mid week and i think you two will hit it off great.

if he doesn't respond, then at least you know you should just move on.


i mean, if you're interested, you should let the guy know! he's not a mind reader.


and no, i know others are saying that you're chasing him by calling, but i don't think so if he gave you his number. i think he sounds like a timid guy. but if you don't think he's a timid guy... and he would be the aggressive type, then you could wait for his call.


the thing is... i said to call on wednesday cuz in the meantime, you are also giving him an opportunity to call you until then.


if he's the aggressive type, he'll call before wednesday. but if he's timid... he's not going to call.


besides... i've been on a semi-blind date before, and after the date was over, he didn't give me his contact. and there was no exchange of "oh i had a good time." i think we both knew that the date was a flop.


so i think the fact that he offered you a contact is a good sign that he's interested and just wants you to meet him half way.

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NuttyBuddy, everything you said feels right in my gutt. He's definitely on the timid side rather than the aggressive side. And I feel in my gutt that he just won't call me, thinking that I'm not that interested. I know, I can't believe I didn't tell him I had a good time! God, I guess too many things were going through my head. He's very sensitive, soft spoken, laid back. He told me he was more on the introvert side than extrovert. I think it'll be ok. And I've already told myself if I call that once and he's not interested in going out again or whatever, than I'll deal with it at that time.

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Are you willing to be the one to do more of the calling while you're dating or just this once? I don't think you needed to show you were "that" interested in order for him to take the 'risk" to call you again. If I were you I wouldn't call or, perhaps, call in 10 days.

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If you are comfortable enough calling him then you can take the risk just as easy as he can. Of course remember that you are taking the risk so he may not be interested and if you dont call then he may never call. There are many things that can happen so just decide if you want to take the risk or not.

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