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Ok...there's this guy in my school that i completely adore and supposedly he likes me too...yeah you know that story...i do understand that he doesn't want a girlfriend and really wants a friend with benefits and right now i'm ok with that actually. I'm not looking for commitment. The problem is there's another girl. I feel like i'm wasting my life competing with her and we have totally different styles of catching his attention. Shes the type thats full of herself and just flirts her ass off but has the guys like dogs. I'm more of the sweet type that the guys know they wont to be passionate with. I do know for a fact even though this guy plays to be "big pimpin" he wants a sweet girl. You can see the different look in his eye towards me rather than towards her. I really want him to fall for me though. I just dont know how to get his attention when he's got a gorgeous girl at his tail that he doesn't have to fight for. I need some tips on how to get him on me....and fast!

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i don't know if you notice this but this guy sounds like a loser to me if he is just gonna play a girl. i mean "sweet girls" deserve so much better then "friends with benefits" i know you say that is what you want, but is it really what you want or is it what you want to do to be with him. cuz in the end of that kind of relationship someone gets the wrong impression. i mean if this guy likes a girl cuz he knows he can get her in bed that is kinda sad. but then again i could have this all wrong. but i mean you should just keep being yourself if you like him that much.

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whoa there! lets not get to desperate. Just be yourself around him. But the fact ids you will lose him unless you come clean with your feelings and what you want from him. Hey... just keep on being sweet around him. Sweet but confident. That can be a hard thing to achieve. Go for it... but calm yourself... really now.

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Girly what are you doing?


Ok, I am confused. You say that he wants only a booty call, and your cool with that. That's cool.


But, towards the end you say that you like this guy alot. So what is it? Cause let me tell you, there is a BIG difference between a booty call and someone you really like.


This guy sounds like he is below you anyhow. Why are you wasting your sweetness on him? He seems to love the attention from both women and knows how to play you too. That jerk.


If your just looking for a good laid, then I say go for it. But know what you are getting yourself into. Booty calls are not bf material. If that the deal you have AND afterwards you realize you like him, you got problems!

Be true to yourself girl, don't try to grap a man with sex. Your too good for that.


Best of luck!

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