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well ive been split from the ex for 5 months now, she has someone else which im over now...


well ive heard from one of her friends, that the new relationship isn't going well, she regrets finishing with me and misses me...i didn't read much into this...


anyway we havent had contact for a month and im soo much better...until 2day when she emails me asking how i am...what do i do shall i reply or ignore her...why is she emailing me??


for those that don't know my story she finished with me after a 4 year relationship...


advice please.

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Well im kinda sorry but I disagree, cos you should think to your self it could not have been easy to get over her, then her with another guy. And only cos things not working out with her and her guy she running back to you.


Do you really wanna go tro it again???? If she worth it then go for it, but if it's to hard then back off.

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Kinda have to agree with DREAM on this... she did break with you after all. Depending on what you guys broke up over, it's hard for any of us to truly give some more helpful advice. But on a situation like this, listen to yourself. It took you a long time to get over her, and yer prolly not fully over her yet anyways. If i were in that position, i wouldn't reply... just for the fact that the relationship is over, and i already got over it myself (yer words). If i got over someone, i dun think she'd be the right one for me then. I don't think you'll ever get over the one you truly belong with.


Just my input to it,

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I think email is a cowardly way of contacting you...I think if she really cared, and was ready for something real (friendship, relationship, whatever) she would call you.


Think about this: if you email back, you will be sitting there waiting for a reply. Do you really want to go through that?


I think that if you chose to talk with her, it should be face to face...so that you can pay attention to her voice (tone, etc), her body language, etc.


What does your intuition tell you?

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my first reaction was to reply, but im holding out...


some of her words were, "havent spoke in while and it seems like a lifetime"


of course i have missed her and part of me still loves her and wants her back, but im not sure i could go through this again...also like people have said shes found out there is no one better out there and wants to come back, thats assuming she does...i would be a fool..but love does strange things to a man!!!


will not reply yet, see if something else happens

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