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I have known this one girl for about two years now. i believe we have always liked each other but she had a boyfriend and i was messing with one of her girls. I went after her girl only because of her situation at the time and i let her know that. we have been flirting for almost the entire duration that i've known her. i don't try to put too many moves on her because i got with her friend and she told me how she felt about that. yet and still though, she's still calls me back and comes to hang out with me. one minute she's saying anything may happen when we chill together, but then the next day she's saying nothing can happen because of me and her girl. what the hell is going on?

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well, this girl *no offense* sounds like a whore i dont like girls who go behind their bf's backs, then act like nothin happened the next day. my advice, talk 2 her and see what is really goin on. u dont need 2 have ur emotions played round like that. so thats my advice 4 u. hope everythin works out

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