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been rejected but cant stop liking him

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I suppose some of you have heard my long winded tails about me and this guy at boarding school. Anyway, I found out he had rejected me because he always avoided me on MSN and never emailed me back, he even flirted with one of my friends like crazy and his friends acted like I wasnt there.

I keep telling myself I havent got the whole truth; but who am I kidding? Everyone knew I had been rejected except for me until now. But I still like him despite being rejected and ignored and having your friend get all his attention and not me (it especially made me mad there; i wondered what was wrong with me).

I wonder if I will ever get ova him but everything and everywhere seems to reek of him, the school he used to go to, the town, his very friends i see everyday, it just gets to me so easily and then I feel awful and grieved. I miss him so very much.

I read on an article by link removed that a crush only exists because you allow it to. It's a product of your imagination; I've wondered if that is the reason to why I just cant let go. I have a very strong imagination and Im creative at school (especially english) so is my imagination contributing a lot to my very strong feelings towards this guy?

I alway sit and fantasize about him feeling bad he has rejected me, is this my mind's way of saying I've been hurt and I dont believe I've been rejected?

How do you let go of your crush and kill your feelings for him?

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People get rejected from all diffrent things in life. In fact rejection is really a very normal part of life. The more it happens the more the pain calluses until you no longer feel it. Probly the best thing you can do for yourself is to find other ways to preoccupy yourself, and maybe move on and find someone else to spend time with. Focus on liking yourself and being happy around others and maybe someday you will make this guy regret that he treated you this way, but maybe by then you will have found someone better if you do this right.

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Luv, I know exacly how you feel. I have had feelings for the same guy for queit some time now, and it is worse for me because he is in a relationship with a very beautiful woman, which he purposely and cold heartedly flaunted in my face.


Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. If someone doesn't want us, what can we do. It is heart breaking and cruel and you start to question yourself and think what is wrong with me. We make fools of ourselves to get someone, and they are only laughing because we chase them, if a guy was interested, trust me he will let you know.


I can't just say to you GET OVER IT, it doesn't work that easy. But, what ever you do, do not call, email or even have the littlest bit of contact with this person. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND. That is the only way to move on from this person. It is not easy, I should know, I made a fool of myself and he has moved on and found love, so who is the loser here, ME.


It takes time, but I hope you get there.

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Katerina, that sounds very very cruel about how that guy did that you. It's funny how some people treat us like crape yet we still hold onto them for some stupid/crazy reason.


I did wat you said, I avoided anything that reminded him of me (I cant really contact him) and tried hard to sqaush thoughts about him. Its working okay and I feel a bit better than just mopping around and feeling sad for myself.

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