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  1. i don't really know or care what society as a whole thinks. All I know is that my friends and coworkers don't care, and look at us as a regular couple...my family is another matter. But the reason they don't really care for my BF is becuase he was married once before and has since divorced his wife. What can I say? They're old fashioned. What we have to remember is that less then 100 years ago, AGR were perfectly normal. And I think that they are still normal.
  2. I am actually kinda surprised to see people still posting to a thread I started in April of 2005. Just to update averybody, My BF and I are still together and going strong. I am now 22 and have began my career, and he is 48 and still doing his thing. We still get along great and have a wonderfull time together. It really makes me glad to hear/see that there are people in age gap relationships that are working out just fine. If anyone wants to e-mail me, don't be afraid. I would like to chat with people who are in the same boat as me. My email is email removed.
  3. My man is 25 years older than me. I am 22 and he is 47. I fell in love with his personality and that has in turn made me see him as attractive. I know that he is not the sexiest thing walking on two legs, but he is attractive in his own way and I do feel attracted to him. I especially like his eyes and bum. If he really loves you, he will find you attractive. But, I personally think that one should not 'let themselves go' as some would say.
  4. 25 years. I am 22, my BF is 47. We don't even notice it.
  5. I have been dating a man who is 25 years oldr than me for about a year now and we are as happy as ever. This are still going great between us. I say, keep giving it a chance. It may or may not work out, but that is the same in all relationships reguardless of age.
  6. I have been seeing someone who is 25 years older than me for about a year now, and we are both very happy with eachother.
  7. It is normal to have a cruch on a teacher. We've all had one, or two. However, it is inappropriate to act on them, especially at your age. You are 13, and you are still growing and maturing. Stick to those your own age.
  8. Ok, I am seeing a man who is 25 years older than me. But I am 22 and a college graduate. I am old and mature enough to make my own decisions. I do not think that a 16 year old should see someone with that type of age gap. I know 16 year olds think they are mature and wise, but really they are not. I know, I though I was the smartest ting walking when I was 16, then I went to college and realized I knew jack! I don't think your friends situation is a good idea.
  9. Gracie-Lee, As was said before, I didn't post as a problem to be commented on, I simply wished to talk with someone who was in a relationship with this big of an age gap. I know you probably didn't mean to offend me, and I think everyone has a right to share an opinion. If you don't feel that being in a relationship with an older man is right for you, then great! Right now, I have never been happier in my life. What attracts me to my bf is his personality, and the fact that he shares all of the same interests as me and we can have fun simply by taking a walk, or talking over a dinner or cup of tea. To me, stimulating conversations and intelligence are big turn-ons.
  10. Gracie-Lee and Luciana, I thank you for sharing your opinions. But I am offended. I am an educated adult, and my bf and I have been dating for a year. I do have a father figure in my life, and my bf is not assuming that role. Please do not judge or think ill of me just becuase I am in a serious relationship with an older man. He and I love, care, and respect eachother very much. I only gave a tiny bit of information in my origional post, you can not base a judgement on a relationship based on what I posted before. But I commend you for sharing your thoughts becuase I feel your intentions were good.
  11. I am 21 and about to graduate from college in May. I have always attracted older men and preferred older men as well. However, I did fall in love with a man who is 47. There is a 25 years age gap. He is divorced with no kids. But he and I deeply love eachother, we are very compatible, and we share the same interests. He is in great health, and looks like he is 10 years younger than what he is. The age gap is more than what I would like it to be, but we are so happy together. Is anyone else in the same situation as I am? Thanks for listening~ Crickett
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