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    Rules of Chivalry Everyone Should Consider

    In our relationships, boundary-setting is key. Opting to employ chivalry as your guide is one way to create a positive dating dynamic between two people. What does that mean exactly? While it may differ somewhat from person to person, the concept of chivalry applies to a set of guiding principles we should uphold in any interaction involving respect and mutual understanding.

    Chivalry has its roots in Medieval courtly love. Contemporary interpretations include concepts related to communication, trust, and consideration for each other’s time, energy, and feelings. By following these simple principles of courtesy and civility, relationships can become more harmonious, offering greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

    Are you wondering how you can incorporate chivalry into your everyday life? Here are some rules to consider implementing:

    1. Make your intentions known early. If relationships are something you want to pursue, make sure that you are clear and honest with your partner. Being direct yet respectful can help avoid potential miscommunication and develop trust.

    2. Show genuine concern for each other. As the relationship progresses, ask questions to understand more about each other and how the other person is feeling. Listen intently and empathetically and don’t be afraid to share your own feelings as well.

    3. Respect that there are distinct roles for each person. Commitment to the relationship means committing to understanding the boundaries and roles set by both parties. This also includes being open and comfortable with sharing power and control in the relationship.

    4. Be generous with compliments and words of encouragement. It doesn’t take much to let your partner know they are appreciated and respected. Positive words that build self-confidence and appreciation can go a long way.

    5. Take complaints seriously. If there is conflict in the relationship, it is important to address it. Open up a dialogue and be willing to have an honest discussion about it to repair any grievances.

    6. Ask for advice if needed. There will be times in the relationship where it is important to turn to the other person for advice and guidance. By relying on the wisdom of your partner, you can strengthen the bond of your relationship.

    No matter the length or seriousness of the relationship, following the rules of chivalry can create an atmosphere of honesty, respect and trust. As long as both parties are recognizing these expectations, the relationship can blossom in an atmosphere of consideration for each other's needs. In order to actively practice chivalry, we must be aware of our individual desires and needs and how they simultaneously fit within the relationship.

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