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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Letting Go of Love: The Best Way to Overcome a Breakup

    It can be incredibly difficult to get through a breakup of a long-term and meaningful romantic relationship. Even when it is obvious that the relationship has run its course, it can still be heartbreaking to go through the actual breakup process. Suddenly, the end feels a lot closer than the beginning and you may have feelings of regret, guilt, anger, and a whole host of other emotions.

    Part of going through a breakup is ultimately accepting that the relationship has ended. People often discuss ‘letting go’ - but what does this actually mean, and how do you know when you’ve done so? Sadly, there’s no single answer as every individual’s needs are different.

    The first step is to understand that some things just can’t be controlled. Circumstances change, personalities change, and sometimes relationships change too. Even if you would like to go back, you cannot always control what happens in life. Accepting that this fact can be the first step towards letting go of your loved one.

    People often try to prevent their pain through avoidance. However, it is usually better to face it head on. It isn't easy, but addressing the pain is an important part of the healing process. Suppressing emotions only causes stress and delays the healing process. Facing the pain may also help you understand why the relationship has ended, and make you more willing to accept the situation and begin to let go.

    Another step towards letting go is to surround yourself with friends and family. Supportive people provide comfort and understanding. Having a strong support system can make it easier to focus on the positive aspects of life during and after the breakup. Talking about your feelings with people you trust can help you realize that a fresh start may be exactly what you need right now.

    Lastly, allow yourself time to grieve.Breakups can lead to feelings such as sorrow and depression. If you don't feel comfortable talking to family and friends, find other ways to express your feelings, such as writing or drawing. Acknowledging your emotions and dealing with them openly is an important part of recovery, even if it doesn’t feel good.

    Letting go of love is something that takes time. Don't expect miracles overnight. The journey will take time and some days will be harder than others. Take things one step at a time, and seek professional help if necessary. Remember that in time, healing will occur and a healthier, brighter future awaits.

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