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How long where you and your ex apart until you got back together?


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I didnt see any threads that where covering this exactly, if i missed it than please show me the thread.


I was just curious at how long you and your ex were apart (broken up or taking a break) until you two got back together? *The longest amount of time ever for you*


Please state whether you were the dumper or dumpee, hopefully some dumpees will have post's in here .


Also how that changed the relationship, good or bad.



Hopefully this will be more of a positive thread compared to some others, I would like people to think that there is still hope and that people have been in their situations. Even if yours story isnt positive, still would like to hear about it!

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Together for just under 3 years, broke up with NC for 2 months, casually dated for 4 months and now we're officially together


ha ha MAVIS, I think your signature describes my life in general. Where is electro shock therapy???


really Me, never got back together with an ex really. I have the potential to get back with an ex right now, just don't know if my heart is really in it at all.

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I have come to accept that we learn from our mistakes in everything apart from our love lives. And everytime I'm in a fix, I always remember that quote!!


ha I must disagree and tell you that I don't think I have ever really learned from my mistakes. go figure.

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A few months after my girlfriend broke up with me to go back to her home country she returned and the following year we were married. So far the marriage has lasted over 30 years.


ha DN, I thought that was my script to follow too. Congratulations, tell us how you and her do it, get along so well? Is it amazing sex? ( PRY!@)

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Ooooo I've had loooong breaks before... Ummm I once had a 3 month break with a guy I thought I loved in high school, we broke it off completely after we got back together... I'm sadly on a "break" right now.. its freakin killing me... waiting to move back home, thuss my life is in limbo.. this is the third week on Break..

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That is.... AMAZING thing is that it is not that long ago that being married for thirty years or longer was the norm and not considered amazing at all.


Was it easy? No. Not all the time.


Was it worth it? Yes.


How have we managed it? By taking our wedding vows seriously.

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This isnt my story specifically, but one of my friends from high school, she was with her boyfriend for a little under 2 years. He broke up with her, said he didnt love her anymore, etc. They got back together 1 year and 7 months later. So basically they were broken up for almost the same amount of time they were together. They have been back together for almost 1.5 years

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1st time - 12 hours

2nd time - 1 week

3rd time - 3 months

4th time - 6 weeks

5th time- 2 months


And i was smart enough to go back for a sixth time. Needless to say, it's over for good now. She has finally admitted to me that she has been sleeping with one of her exs (whos been married to her wife for 8 years). She had been lying to me about it for the last 2 years we were together.


Six time loser with the same woman all in the space of 4 years.

Don't pin your hopes on getting back together. I did and was happy each time we did. Problem is that it gets harder each time you get dumped.

And she doesn't deserve me anyway. She's welcome to the woman who can cheat on her partner. I'm better than that. Her loss.



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Well I want to add to this thread because it has some truth...that there is ALWAYS hope just don't let the hope hold you back from living your life......


My contribution:


I dated my highschool sweetheart through highschool and after highschool. We lived together for a few years and were together a total 7yrs. Our relationship was a rollercoaster due to our immaturity and age. In the seventh year we had one of our breakups and during that time I met someone new and had given up on my ex. She did the whole begging and crying bit and pushed me further away into the new girls' arms and my ex eventually gave up and moved on. The new girl I eventually married (more out of fear of being alone than for love) the marriage lasted 4yrs and it was hell most of the 4yrs. During that 4yrs I thought about my ex, how much I missed her and wished that I had not made the mistake I made by chosing the new girl. Me and my wife ended up in divorce. A year later (5yrs after breaking up with my highschool sweetheart) I was at a local pub and ran into my highschool sweetheart. It was a big surprise and I was happy to see her. We talked about our past 5yrs of our lives and now she was married and I was now divorced. She seemed happy and I could tell the feelings were still there. We eventually exhanged numbers and kept in touch. A month later she decides to divorce her husband because she married him for the same reasons I married my exwife...so she wouldnt be alone.


After her divorce we dated for about a year and even though it was great to reconnect, we had changed so much that we decided it was best that we remained friends. I eventually went on with my life and so did she with no bad feelings but more of closure. She is happily married now with a son and my blessings and prayers are with her. We don't keep in touch other than the updates from mutual friends on eachothers lives. She recently had a battle with breast cancer so she is on my mind quite often and I pray for her.


You see people, people do get back together and there is ALWAYS hope. Sometimes there is a success and sometimes there isn't but there is always that chance. In my case during those 5yrs apart we had changed a lot. We grew up and became different people and realized our love was a different kind of love and reconnecting 5yrs later wasn't the right time for us... Now, who knows what the future holds and I'm not hoping or wishing for anything other than accepting whatever life throws my way and taking it head on....


Tha Gipp

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The only thing that scares me about reading threads like this is, I feel like I will never give up hope of one day getting another chance to do things right with my wife. But I am happy for thsoe who did get another chance and had it work out.


Ditto!!!! I feel the exact same way!!!

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Puckdoggy dogg and jeffrey01,


It's how you interpret hope and refocus that hope to something more beneficial to your self healing. You can continue to have hope with your ex but have hope also in yourself that no matter if the ex comes back you'll be happier and better off either way. Some may say having "hope" is prolonging the pain but it's how you interpret and use that hope to help yourself.


If you hope that your ex comes back but in the same thought tell yourself "I hope XXXXX comes back but I'm giving more hope to myself that if she doesn't I will be happy and be a better person"


Reconciliations happen all the time but you have to let "time" do it's thing and it will come. If you sit and wait for that time to pass you'll be miserable and probably have no life because each minute will seem like days. Gather your dreams about your ex, the love you had, the memories, your hope for getting back together and bundle it up in a thought and imagine all of this in a single ball...... Grab that ball of thoughts and throw it into the universe and tell yourself "I release these shackles from my heart, my mind, my soul, they will no longer bring me pain and heartache, if they return to me they will be a pleasant and welcoming feeling that I will accept without the negativity they once had"...once you release these thoughts that hold you back you will feel better because you know they're still out there and if they return you know it will be a good thing..... In the mean time prepare yourself because that time could be tomorrow, a week, a month or even 5yrs in my case!!!!!! My mistake is that I wasn't prepared when my highschool sweetheart came back to me.....


Tha Gipp

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