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I think I am afrriad of being Loved.


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I still love my ex, even though he does not love me. Somehow this feels ok.

I met a new guy who thinks I'm great and it scares me a lot. He has not said he loves me yet. He seems cabable of love in general though.

I am so scared of being loved and I don't know why. Perhaps it is the unknown. Or that I feel like if I was loved It would come with some responsibility to another person. I am not sure .

Why would I fear love?

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Afraid of being hurt? Afraid of giving all of yourself to another, yet not receiving anything back?


I agree with this, I am where you are right now...


You become more wary of who you give your love to because of these reasons...

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yes I do


Then I would suggest that is what you need to work on. There are many, many good references and books concerned with addressing issues of self-esteem. Start with some research and see if you can find something that you feel will work for you.

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I'm kind of the same way because I am afraid of getting hurt, again. But I turned on my friends tv one day... and i saw one line before she changed the channel. This guy said "people can afford to take more risks in life" so yeah, its a risk of getting your heart broken again but its good to live life and put the fears aside.


Secondly - I'm a little concerned because you said you still love your ex... I would be cautious of entering a new relationship until you are over your ex.

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i agree, it's best to sort out all your feelings from past relationships before complicating mattres with feelings from new relationships.


in the mean time it's good to get active in life, get into hobbies etc, which will also help build self confidence (and your ex will also drift out of your conscious mind faster). I find being in a good mental state of mind when entering a relationship often seems to make the new relationship operate smoother.

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