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When is it time to grow up


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Ok, i turned 21 in dec, and life started flying by, i quit highschool and got my ged at 16, i sat at home doing nothing til 18, got a girlfriend moved in with her til i was 21 and we broke up. Now im 21, loving being single and young and partying, but im getting older and wondering how long i have left, i cant see myself settling down anytime soon, im just now living my childhood and i am going to be forced by society to grow up and get responsible. I still feel and look young, i just started working out and talking to other girls, im going to start college in the fall and i dont want it to end anytime soon. at what age does the fun end, when am i going to be to old to do this kind of thing. i feel like i wasted 5 years of my life.

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I think you are much too young to think you 'wasted' any part of your life! I bet anything you learned a lot about yourself in the past 5 years...a dn even if you did just have a lot of fun... nothing wrong with that! I'm nearly 30 and I still love to party and dance until dawn.


I'd say over half my friends went back to university at age 25 and older! or changed their jobs careers.. I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do when I grow up!v


Do you feel under pressure to be something? Sometimes society does that to us.. People feel like they need to stop going out when they are 23, or must have a degree by the time they are 25 or must have a house by the time they are 30


Many may of my friends are in their mid -late thirties and older, and they go out and dance /party until 8:00 in the morning. The also have responsible jobs, some of them have families, they are involved in sports, volunteers etc etc


Last night I was at my friends 30th birthday, we had a great time and we certiany weren't sitting around a table playing scrabble and eating cupcakes!



You are YOUNG! don't worry about stopping the fun now..

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You didn't waste 5 years of your life.

Look at it from another perspective: you acctually invested them.

Now you're like what is she talking about?


Well in those 5 years you become more mature and you relised you want more when it comes to your education, right? Thats a big improvement. You sorted your priorities out.

Don't worry, everything is going to be just fine.

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I'm 40 and the fun hasn't stopped for me, either. I have a solid career, financially secure, live in a great city and because I set things up in a stable way, I have the freedom to do lots of fun things, including travel, going to the theater, concerts, hanging out in the park, going to the gym, meeting interesting and sometimes famous people, going to cool parties and events, etc. I don't see why fun ever needs to end. Getting drunk or taking drugs never seemed fun to me so if fun ="partying" we have different ideas of fun.


That is so great that you're going to start college - best of luck!

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I'm nearly 19 and i feel i should have grown up by now, but i think everyone reaches maturity at different stages in their life. The nature of society makes it easy to think that there are rigid boundaries for each stage in life and that you should be pressured into being a certain person by each hurdle, although in reality this just isn't the case.

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