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Wrap your mind around this... IF you can...

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recently, in school, a teacher asked me what seemed like a few simple questions. It was basically the only homework i had, which i thought was great for a grade 12 class. However i found myself struggling for nearly an hour before i gave my self a headache and decided not to answer them. Im just posting this because these questions have really got me thinking hard lately, and i have discovered alot of things, and so i'd like to share these questions.


1) Do you perceive reallity?

2) If yes, how do you know?

3) Do you believe what you perceive?


and finally


4) Do you understand what beleiving really is/means?



Think about it.

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God I wish I got questions like this when I was in 12th grade. Heres a few answers for you. Maybe they'l help you get the ball rolling for youyrself. Always do you homework man.


1) Until 20th century reality was everything humans could touch, smell, see, and hear. Since the initila publication of the chart of the chart of the electro-magnetic spectrum humans have learned that what they can touch, smell, see, and hear, is less than 1/1,000,000 of reality. While this answer takes the question to be literal, it is my beleif that ones perception of reality in their own. Your reality is your own. In a way the answer to this question is always yes for every person, simply because you cannot sinmply cease to know your own existence and thereforeeee your reality.


2) Websters dictionary defines reality as "The totality of all things possessing actuality, existence, or essense." I do know that I exist in the world. I know this becasue when I walk I leave a footprint. Proving that the weight of my being imprints the physical essense of the planet as a whole. And I impact those around me through my social interaction. By this definition I posses actuality (through my altering of my perceptions), existence (through the altering my physical world), and essense (Through the idea that others know I exist by my own intrisic qualitys). Unless I have been living my life in a dream I do know I perceive reality through acting as a force on reality as a whole.


3) When I was 8 I took my fathers pocketwatch and deconstructed it. Each part had a pupose and without one, the entire clockworks would cease to operate. Our minds and bodys are much like the pocketwatch. When one componentis removed we are left with a useless machine. Yet, the machine does not cease to exist. My beleif in my own reality in based upon the idea that the machine is working and I understand its machinery. If a part was removed form the machine of my own perception, how would I know? I would still exist (much like the pocketwatch) yet, I would no longer know this, as I would still exist in the physical constraints of reality. If my reality was somehow "broken" I woyuld not know. In a way it is impossible to know whether or not what I perceive to be reality.

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Think about this, Is Life a BIG dream...and the only way out is Death? someone asked me that, and i thought nothing of it at first, but it makes sense. Dreams Come True, Or Sometimes any ways, and 99.9% of that dream happening in "real Life" is what you do, Trying is always an option, and failing just leaves more chances to Try again. continuous failure sometimes leaves us Down, depressed, and Upset with the way things are going in our "life" and we say to ourselves "God..! I hope this is all a bad Dream" well could it be, the Light that so many people have seen when fallen into the Near Death Experience, Could that be the Light that wakes us up, Opens our eyes... and welcomes us to a better place?


This is So non-religious by the way... I just thought about it, And on the flip side of the Coin, When things are Great, And perfect, Like it couldn't get any better..what do we ask ourselves in that situation...? "God I hope this Isn't a Dream." weird huh'


Reality is SO over rated...

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