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Love or Friendship?

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I am kind of confused right now about this..

for the past mouths.. so much happened.. (yes it's about the same person.. if you read the previous post I made on this site you will understand more..)


After 2 yrs, he told me he loved me,

we were suppose to meet, he changed his mind 3 days before I go see him.. didnt hear from him for a while.. and then we started to talk again.. around January until now, we talk everyday now.. we text often daily.. we have insides jokes and we flirt a lot.. sometimes more sometimes less.. it always depend..


But he told me so much about him lately.. he told me he was scared of commitment, that he didnt wanna be with anyone.. because he was scared.. scared to a point where he gets panic attacks..

so i don't do anything to scare him.. i still have strong feelings for him.. but i dont know if he knows it..


Sometimes he tell me to meet other people, to go meet a nice guy.. and when i ask him.. "why do you tell me that" he just say "cause.." without telling me anything.. it happened at least 4 times.. like he try to push me in someone elses arms..


If i see that he gets close of another girl... i will get jealous a lil bit.. he will see it and come back to me..


We also have these insides jokes about me being his slave and him my pimp.. how i need to obey him all the time.. we make jokes around that.. even if its not total jokes.. just how close we are..


He wanted to meet me again 1 month and half ago.. he told me several times.. its just a friendly meeting, but we wanted to be together this week end.. but he got scared and it didnt happened..


What do you think of all this?

Love or Friendship??


Thank you

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Well today.. he told me about a girl who likes him..

and i asked him what he thought about that.. if he liked her..


He said: woah chill.. what with the questions.. and i told him.. nothing im just curious thats all..

And he started saying.. "do you have feelings for me?" and i asked him.. why do you think that? cause im nice with you more then most people? cause i care for you more then most people? and he said, i dunno thats a feeling i got..

and at the end, i told him that no.. i dont have feelings for him.. (which is a lie) and i asked him.. what about you? sometimes you show hints that you do..


he said "i dont, you are a great friend"

and then we stopped talking..


is he in denial? i so need to know..

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Sounds a bit confusing. Whether or not he's in denial, I do not know. I don't know the specifics of the relationship, but it sounds as if he doesn't communicate with you as much as you would like him to. The panic attack thing was a red flag for me. Whether he's telling the truth or not about them, it seems like you're compromising your true thoughts and feelings for the sake of his happiness. While that is a generous act, it's not going to get you anywhere. I'm assuming you've still have not met with this boy, and maybe that's for the best. It doesn't sound like either of you are quite ready for a relationship seeing as you two still have yet to meet and the communication is a bit lacking. I suggest you move on with it, but if you have a burning desire somewhere in you to find and once and for all, then my other suggestion is to be straightforward with him. The worst that can happen is him not walking to speak to you for a while, which is immature, but at least you would have your answer. Just say what you want to say, demand answers to questions you've always pondered. Honesty is the key, don't beat around the bush. Put this issue to rest or put the relationship to rest. It's the only way to do it, in my opinion. Good luck.

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