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two days before abortion feel as sick as a dog


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i feel so sick it is unreal,i have actually given up going to the bathroom and am now resorting to making it to the black bag!I was fine uptil about four days ago then the sickness started.I wish i had been able to afford to go private as this could have been dealt with over a week ago.but thank god for the nhs.I feel so sick.i dont do prgnancy well seriously i looked like i had hiv with my last that is how sick i looked.i am also now unable to eat and have accepted that my appetite is on holiday.my poor daughter is literally having to provide her own entertainment as i am incapable.oh the woes of single parenting!


feeling sick again so i'll post this and write some more in a moment.i can't wait till the weekend...............

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How far along are you? Is the fetus sick or is there a medical condition involved in your pregnancy? I hope you get to feeling better. . . But one more thing, how was this pregnancy allowed to happen if you are a single mom--please practice safer sex if you can't handle more children!


Sorry, but you posted this... can't help but be a little troubled about your situation.

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okay i'm back!i am full of liquid only so this is not good as i feel no relief after being sick.well maybe i should give some background info on the present situation.


okay i was majorly stupid and irresponsible and am now paying the concequences.but at least i am not dumb as if i was i would be considering going through with it.but i am not going there i just have to look at my life to know why!I maintain that if i hadn't been so far gone with my daughter and overwhelmed with hormones i would have been able to make the right choice for myself.As it is i do not feel i did.i felt unable to abort renee as i did not find out i was pregnant until about 12 wks and the abortion date i was given was around 6 weeks from then,i was just unable to go through with it as i had by then felt it moving about and was emotionally involved as such.

feeling sick again maybe i need more peppermint tea?


i am 44 days pregnant and because of this i am able to use mifeprex(the abortion pill),my appointment is tomorrow afternoon and hopefully the whole treatment will have been administered by friday.I so can't wait.got to go feeling really sick but at least i will be back to normal soon!

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Thanks sweetie and laureliel.


Lauriel i know i shouldn't have allowed myself to get in this situation but it happened and i am now taking responsibility for my actions.I did not post to ask your advice but to share my state of mind at the moment.I am my own judge.


Sweetie i feel a right prat but i know i have to be real and the sooner i deal with this the sooner i can get back to being reneesmummy!As right now that is not hardly working and as i am on my own this is just proving impossible!Thank god she is so contained.I feel so bad at not being able to give her a lot of attention right now or take her out but i cannot because i am seriously sick.The only reason i am not in bed right now is because i felt so guilty yesterday as iw as unable to get out of be until really late.So apart from feeding her and bathing her i am not be any much good right about now.


She is only 2 1/2 but she knows about being sick and hearing me wretch is enough to get her asking are you sick mom?


I think i should go and make some more peppermint tea or maybe some sweet juice i just don't know!I just know i cannot fathom eating.


Shall be back in a moment.

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What I am going to tell you now, may disturb you but I have to tell you this because it comes from my heart.


No matter how you look at this..44 days...29 days...22..minutes you are PREGNANT..so i think you need to come to the realization that once you go through this proceedure you will have given away a child. I understand however that you are not mentally nor emotinally or financially capable of raising this child. But you have to come to grips with what you are about to do. An abortion is not something to take lightly and no matter how you try to define what you are doing you know as well as I do what this really is. But your being sick might have to do with your depression about this subject. I feel sorry for what you are about to go through and let me warn you. I had a very close friend of mines from Philly who had one this is what will take place..she is going to take over from here.




Hi my name is Maria,

I had an abortion about two years ago...and I just wanted to help you get through this. I will join this forum today, but until then..heres my advice and information to you!

1. The process last for about 5 minutes but feels like 10

2. It feels like the worst menstrual cramps you have ever had! (but since you had a child already...this should be a little bit less severe for you, as it was for me because aside from a shot in the uterus...child birth is the most painful thing to a woman.

3. Please take the Gas....it will make it go by faster...[/b] it may also make you feel like throwing up momentarily but will ware off really soon.


4. After its done do not look to see what it looked like. I made this mistake and have been torn up everysince. I regret what I can't take back but now I am pregnant again and will have this child. I'm 4 months and wouldnt have it any other way.


Good luck..

I'll be praying for you


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Very very hard subject to comment on I think but I will hopefully give you my support to you on an individual basis.


Any woman who decides on an abortion does so for very personal reasons and I don't think that you have to tell anyone at all what those reasons are, they are personal to you and never ever feel you have to justify your reasons.


I worked for an agency dealing on certain days when medical abortions would be carried out on approximately 15 women all with their reasons for this decision. For a rare few it was down right awful, such as this was their method of contraception but for most women the reason they did this was because they could not go through another pregnancy and could not bear the thought of giving away their child once born.


I don't need to tell you to think twice or to be careful because I think you are a grown woman and know these thoughts already.


I personally am here for you, whenever you want to talk or to cry...i am here.

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hi guys!


I am actually not depressed at all,i am actually not bothered about the process as cold as that sounds and when i said i feel sick i really mean that as in that is my biggest problem right now being physically sick!


Maria i have had an abortion before a few years ago when i was about 19 and it was under a general so i know where you are coming from.Thankfully because i am not that far gone i ahve more optopns available to me thank god!or should that be modern medicine!


i do not want another child at this moment in my life and being a mom i know it would be wrong to go through with it.Trust me i am not confused at all about this i just want to go through the process in order to move on.Also has someone that has not only had an abortion but also given birth to a child i know that the choices i have in life are there to provide me with more than one option in life.


This thread isn't about any confusion or depression or choice to make it is simply to acknowledge the state i am in at the moment and the tracks i am making.I would have posted earlier on the board like 12 days ago but i want seeking advice or confirmation of my decisions so it was not necessary.


I am thankful that even though i feel as sick as dog i have clarity of mind.Being confused would not be a good state to be in right now!


just want to thank you all for your input and keep it coming as it is taking my mind of the need to bury my head in the toilet!

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Sabena you hit the nail right on the head!thank you for those words xI might be emailing you over the w'kend!


And by the way maria my child birth wasnt that bad at all infact i got to the hospital at 12.45 and my baby was born at 1.31,so it really wasn't very painful nor horrendous to bare,it is the most natural thing and your body

works accordingly.Good luck with your pregnancy and i hope you are in a supportive and fulfilling partnership.


I also have to say i have never ever regreted having an abortion as i never make choices lightly.As the case shall be for this one.


I hate to come accross as unfeeling but all this is,is a rectifiable situation to me.And hopefully i will not have to go through it again but what i really hope is that i will always be able to make as i have done responsible and selfless decisions rather that emotionally charged and selfish or guilt ridden ones.


okay black bag time back in a mo!i cannot wait till this feeling stops..........

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You all are right... I didn't mean to sound judgmental, Reneesmummy...


I hope for all the best for you and your daughter. When it comes down to it, all of us are here to support each other. You know your life's situation and I do not. I have to remind everyone though, that just as we have the freedom to post about our decisions and seek advice, we also have the right to ask questions.


Reneesmummy...take care and I truly hope for you better days ahead.

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