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eating a girl out

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I wonder what it would be like to have a penis.


Just go buy a strap-on and wear it in public for a few hours (under your clothes of course)... you'll get tired of that crap pretty quick. It's great for sex, but how many hours out of the day is it being put to good use? Not enough to make up for walking around with a hard-on or all the adjusting we men have to do through out the day when our bodies randomly decide to send a surge of bloodflow to that area.

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first time i went down on her was the day she finished up her period and it felt like i was going to throw up so maybe thats why im a little afraid


always give atleast 3 days after a period before going down on a girl.. just for future warning. You still may not like the smell or taste but there are things you can buy to help with that... sometimes the taste will go away after 30 seconds or so when she starts to get wet.


but always give yourself a few days maybe more after a period..


Tonguing just the clit can get a girl to orgasm, but it's like eating the cherry off a sundae and letting the rest go to waste.


so true!

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