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  1. so you and a lot of your friends were partying at your friends house, but you still needed someone to hang out with? sorry but to me, i think you wanted something to happen from the start. So you cheated, hid it from him, lied, used your mum as a scapegoat, and you the only thing you aren't sure of is if breaking up was the right or wrong thing? my opinion, it's the right thing, i just hope that this poor guy doesn't hear about your cheating, coz finding out from someone else after a break up is 100 times worse. you didn't want to keep dating him? but you still aren't sure if breaking up was the right thing.. if you don't like him, then, yes you should have broken up with him a long time ago. Personally I think stringing someone along like that is cruel and disrespectful to them.
  2. he may not know how much you like it, and you are right it -may be- because he gets hard from the noises you make that he doesn't do it, but everyone is different and you need to speak to him about it.. ask him why he doesn't do it much, doesn't he realise how great it feels for you etc
  3. yes to me this is cheating. to be honest, I would rather my bf get drunk and have meaningless sex with someone then cheat on me like that.
  4. taste the forbidden fruit, everyone wants to know what it's like to have what they don't have. i have straight hair and i want curly. similar thing
  5. you can ask him way before you are into the making out, just say 'i wouldn't mind it if you kissed my neck more when we are making out' or that would be perfect
  6. always give atleast 3 days after a period before going down on a girl.. just for future warning. You still may not like the smell or taste but there are things you can buy to help with that... sometimes the taste will go away after 30 seconds or so when she starts to get wet. but always give yourself a few days maybe more after a period.. so true!
  7. that's it nadine, it's hard to get a man to do something you want if you don't ask or tell him too.. he is a male, not a mind reader lol
  8. no you can't feel i dont mean to laugh.. well i do.. but this is funny.. no offense to the threat starter
  9. do it to him, or pull his head and push it near your neck
  10. kr356


    spotting is when you get a small amount of blood, either during pregnancy or in between periods, or after having sex, not all women will get it after sex, or during pregnancy, or in between periods. spotting is normal and as fair as i am aware doesn't indicate anything, but if it's heavy bleeding after sex, in between a period or during pregnancy you should go see a dr. Signs of ovulation The female body shows several signs of ovulation. You may experience some or all of these signs, including: * Regular menstrual cycles - menstrual periods that arrive every 24-35 days are more likely to be ovulatory than periods that occur more or less often. * Mucus changes - about two weeks before menstruation, an ovulating woman may notice slick and slippery mucus. * Abdominal pain - some women experience pain during ovulation. The pain may be general or localised to one side of the abdomen. * Premenstrual symptoms - ovulation may accompany premenstrual symptoms such as breast enlargement and tenderness, abdominal bloating and moodiness. * Temperature rise - women who use a natural family planning method of contraception will notice a small rise in their basal temperature after ovulation has occurred. The temperature rise is about half a degree Celsius. This temperature rise does not predict ovulation - it suggests that ovulation has already taken place.
  11. Well ew are giving you suggestions and you are dismissing them with nothing, 'done that' etc. I didn't mean to be harsh or rude like I said in the topic, but what you are talking like here is all I have to go off so I was giving you some advice. Chill.
  12. seems like your heartache was only recent. everyone here has been blunt, and honest with her.. but it doesn't mean she will go with that, we can't just force her to do it.. that's why i told her if she chooses to stay that she needs to make sure she set herself boundaries, things she will not tolerate and he needs to know these as well... I'm sorry for your pain, and I agree that guys like this guy seems to be.. he is no good and she shouldn't fall for his crap. I agree with you as well, that telling it like it is, is more important then telling someone what they want to hear.. and i dont think anyone here is sugarcoating anything.. I hope you are able to work past your pain and anger soon though. It's a horrible thing to go through, being cheated on.
  13. well rant away, i have also found that when you stop actively looking for love, it just seems to find you one way or another.. (unless you turn into a hermit and don't go anywhere)
  14. that's hard one for me to give advice on as I never told my mum.. one day she asked if I was using protection and I said yes.. that was it. it's up to you whether you should, but if she is asking you and you are flat out telling her no, then you shouldn't do that. You are 20 years old, you are an adult and can make these decisions on your own now, so while she may be angry at your boyfriend for taking her little girl away (this is how parents see it) she will know in her heart that it was you and you are just growing up and she has to start accepting that.. all mums will freak out a little..
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