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im so confused..help me

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I feel really confused right now...i just dont kno wat to do. I met this girl during a game of uno on xbox live thru a webcam chat thingy. Well i ended up playin so many games with her and we became pretty good friends. In the end i have her s/n which i talk to her on all the time, her phone number which ive only called twice, and her myspace.


after talkin to her so much through all these things ive developed a thing for her. A feeling that i just dont seem to get with other girls. I was thinking that maybe its because of her looks because she is pretty and all, has a very beautiful smile. But its not like ive ever seen her in real life so maybe it isnt that.


And i also just seem to love hearing her voice, it makes me feel so relaxed and then i start dreaming about "what if's" and such..i dont know. Its funny too because whenever i sign in on Aol Instant Messenger i always look to see if she is on first. And when im on and shes not, and she signs in, i get like butterflies in my stomach. I wish i knew why....


Also its funny sometimes because i feel like ive seen her someplace before and when i started talking to her and i just got that feeling


Asking for a lot of help and input..thanks...also if have anyquestions ill post answers



"edited": oh yea i forget to say she lives roughly 1000 miles away from me, im 18 and shes 17....i kinda want to express me feelings 2 her but im afraid she might just be too young to understand

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you have a big crush on her... it happens! there is no reason you can't be her friend and continue to interact with her online, but it would be quite hard to have a romance due to the distance, unless you were both to go away to the same college somewhere.


stranger things do happen, but you can't plan your life based on a crush... i would continue being friends, but continue looking in your local area for other friends, since never dating and always pining for someone from afar is no fun at all...

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